Snow Fountains® Weeping Cherry Tree

Prunus Snow Fountains Weeping Cherry“Anchor the border with a mix of strong plant shapes. Flowering herbaceous plants may steal the spotlight during warmer times of the year, but structural woody plants carry a garden through the cold dormant months….cascading habits of deciduous trees like Snow Fountains® Weeping Cherry tree add a dramatic arching contrast.”

The Nonstop Garden bookAuthored by: Stephanie Cohen and Jennifer Benner
Quote paraphrased from: The Nonstop Garden, page 218
Printed by: Timber Press



Prunus Snow Fountains Weeping Cherry“When the weeping pea tree died at the entrance to our home many years ago, I knew I wanted something with a weeping habit again, but the spot was difficult.  Despite amending the soil extensively, it faced west with horrendous winds unimpeded by anything coming across the field.  Only something that could take the hot summer sun and those drying winds for days, sometimes weeks, on end would work.

We chose a Snow Fountains® Weeping Cherry (Prunus subhirtella x cv. ‘Snofozam’)on a standard and it’s thrived since Day One! It has beautiful fall color, but of course I love it in spring when it’s covered in white blossoms and is literally buzzing with pollinators. And despite it being sited a little too closely to the house, it takes to hard pruning very well and still looks attractive at our entrance, some 10+ years later.”

Kylee Baumle– Kylee Baumle, Writer, Author and Speaker
 Our Little Acre Blog


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