Squirt™ Compact Leucothoe

Squirt™ Compact LeucothoeSquirt™ Compact Leucothoe formally made its debut at the 2013 Farwest trade show New Varieties Showcase.  This woodland ‘nativar’ is catching on with growers and consumers. Adam Brown, Sales Manager at Decker’s Nursery in Groveport, Ohio says,
“We had been working with Squirt for a couple of years before we realized its full potential.  The glossy dark evergreen foliage catches your eye all year with striking burgundy hues appearing fall through winter.  We have seen a strong response from our customers.”

Adam continued, “This industry could use more plants like Squirt.  It is grower friendly with a fast growth rate, compact habit, and little disease problems.  It is also consumer friendly with four seasons of interest flowers, foliage, and texture makes this plant welcome in any landscape.”

Adam Brown, Decker's Nursery– Adam Brown, Sales Manager
  Decker’s Nursery

Decker's Nursery


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