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National Gardening Association

During the month of April, garden centers and wholesale nurseries have multiple opportunities to bring customers to the table.

These publicized events provide great content for targeted marketing messages designed to drive customers to your business:

Five Tips to Promote National Garden Month
Plan now for next year. Create a monthly calendar so you’re not content hunting at the last minute. Check out the National Gardening Association website for newsletter content ideas. 

2 Popular themes to localize your content include: 
Kids GardeningSmall Space/Urban GardeningEdible LandscapingCelebrating Seasons and Holidays.

3 Quote facts and figures from research and surveys to enlighten consumers and establish your company as a credible source of information.

4 Download the 2009 Impact of Home and Community Gardening White Paper and ask your customers if the findings are still valid in 2013 and in your area. If they don’t agree, dig in and see why. There might be a sales opportunity waiting in the wings!

5 Not a videographer? Neither am I! But you can re-post How-To Gardening Videos to your website, Facebook, or Pinterest pages to start a conversation and provide edu-tainment value for your loyal and avidly passionate customers.

Join the celebration! Get the word out as to why gardeners should ‘Plant Something’!

King of Carbon Sequestration

GOLD DUST® Variegated Sweet GumDue to their large size and root structure, trees absorb more carbon (CO2) than other plants and are integral in the fight against global warming. 

The National Forest Service states that to maximize carbon absorption, you should choose low maintenance trees. This study lists American Sweetgum among its top choices. 

Variegated Sweet Gum

We suggest Gold Dust® Variegated Sweetgum.  An extremely hardy tree features uniquely smooth and silver colored bark. Outstanding green and gold mottled foliage takes on tones of pink, orange and burgundy in fall.

Gold Dust is a great choice for landscape designers and architects that are eager to incorporate trees into their designs that have a sustainability edge and provide multiple seasons of interest.

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American Beauties® Collection
Support the Birds and the Bees 
As we transition to May, we welcome Garden for Wildlife Month.

National Wildlife Federation

The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) is encouraging folks to turn their outdoor space into a Certified Wildlife Habitat® site to help restore vital habitat areas.

The American Beauties® Collection (ABC) native plants are not only beautiful, but specifically benefit wildlife.

For every ABC plant sold, a percentage of sales go to benefits National Wildlife Foundation.

Did You Know?
Blue Blaze™ Arrow Wood Viburnum Geauga® Gray Dogwood
Blue Blaze™ Geauga®

Both Blue Blaze Viburnum™ and Geauga Gray Dogwood® are in the American Beauties Collection.

LCN Selections

LCN Selections is proud to play a small role supporting National Wildlife Foundation and the American Beauties Partnership.

HGTV HOME Plant Collection
In Vogue at Edna Valley Vineyard
The HGTV HOME Plant Collection previewed the 2014 additions to their Expressions Annuals Collection last week at Spring Trials in California.

White Merlot Pop-N-Polish Petunia
White Merlot Pop-N-Polish™ Petunia was featured in Greenhouse Grower magazine ‘Top 10 Fabulous Favorites Spring Trial’ list.

New for 2014
Three Pop-N-Polish™

Four So Gorgeous!™

Seven CaliGrandé™


Watch the Video
Greenhouse Management Spring Trials Video
Watch the Vogue Varieties video filmed by GIE Media.

Smart and Stylish Shrubs
HGTV Smart and Stylish Shrub Collection
The HGTV HPC also showcased their new Smart & Stylish Shrubs in their booth at well as at Ball Ornamentals.
Men and Tools
UpShoot Pays
It Forward

UpShoot believes in supporting local beautification projects not just on Arbor Day but year round.

Tree Donation Partnerships
We’ve donated trees to many communities such as Perry Village and then Jim works with them on proper maintenance. 
Brentano's Tree Farm
Hans Nelson and Sons Nursery
This year we’ve coordinated donations of over 40 trees from Brentano’s Tree Farm and Hans Nelson & Sons for the Village of Fairport Harbor

Botanico Inc 
Carlton Plants
In fact, next year’s donation of over 75 trees is already planned from Carlton Plants and Botanico Nursery.

America in Bloom
To learn more about how plants can enhance your home, work place, town/city, view the Discover Plants brochure from the America in Bloom program.


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