allanMadison, OH (March 3, 2015) – It’s Not Just About the Hat – The Unlikely Journey of a Plantsman (2015). Dr. Allan Armitageauthor of over a dozen books, a perennial and annual mobile app, teacher, lecturer and one of the most respected plant authorities in the green industryhas penned his memoirs. His stories depict his unlikely trajectory as a shy boy from a quiet neighborhood in Montreal to a world-renowned plantsman.

Of his memoirs, Dr. Armitage says, “I had no intention of writing about myself. I could not imagine anything more boring or presumptuous. However, after weaving many tales about my family and background through plant talks and stories, people kept asking, ‘How did you get here from there?’ so I finally decided to write a few things down. I am not a politician, a rock star or a famous athlete. I cannot enthrall you with drugs, sex or money, just a few stories that most of us can probably relate to.”

This book exemplifies everything you have come to expect from one of the most engaging storytellers today. From digging graves to braving North Atlantic storms, Dr. A’s adventurous life is revealed like an unfurling bloom–each petal just a little wilder than the one before.

It’s Not Just About the Hat makes a perfect gift for any horticulturist, gardener, student or plant breeder. Paperback list price is $19.95, book size is 6″ x 9″. Take advantage of Allan’s exclusive offer for garden writers and editors – FREE shipping if ordered by April 15, 2015 from Dr. A’s website. Use promo code: GG2354.

Stephanie Cohen, The Perennial Diva“How does someone like Allan begin his journey to green stardom? We all travel many different paths to later emerge as our more mature selves. In life one has choices and sometimes we cannot see the end point. In this cheeky autobiography, Allan tells the true story of all his trials and tribulations. An iconic figure does not just emerge. They are molded by all of the different experiences in their lives. I think all of you who know Allan or who have his many books or his former students, or those who loved his presentations will want to buy this unique book. The book certainly tells it like Allan sees it!”
Photo credit: Rob Cardillo
– Stephanie CohenThe Perennial Diva and GWA Fellow

Dr. A is available for book signings, speaking engagements and radio appearances. Please contact Allan directly for more information.


About Allan Armitage
Dr. Allan Armitage

Allan M. Armitage is an Emeritus Professor of Horticulture at the University of Georgia. Dr. Armitage travels widely as a lecturer and industry consultant. He has received numerous awards from nursery trade groups and horticultural organizations. For more information on this book, his thirteen perennial titles, garden tours, speaking engagements or Dr. A’s mobile phone app, please visit his website.

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