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On The
Road Again
September 26
Talk: Grow Your Profits with the Power of HGTV
OAN Retail & Greenhouse Chapter Meeting
Farmington Gardens
Portland, OR

October 26
Talk: Nativars:
The Best of Both Worlds

Native Plants and
Sustainability Conference
Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Pittsburgh, PA

August 2013 Nursery Management Magazine
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September is
Happy Cat Month

Van the Typing Cat!
Van likes to try and help Maria out on the computer

“Studies have shown that having a cat live with you can have many benefits for your health, both physical and mental, so why not give a little back to your favorite furry friend during Happy Cat Month?,” says Dr. Jane Brunt, executive director of CATalyst Council.

Maria's cat Sadie is ready to travel at a moment's notice!
Sadie would travel with Maria if she could

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Do You Yo.gar.den?

The older I get, the more important I realize the value of ‘me time’ for both my physical and mental well-being. For the past three years my way to de-stress is practicing yoga.

In fact, September is National Yoga month. If you’ve never tried it over 2,200 yoga studios nationwide are offering a *free* week this month.

The Lil Yoga Barn
Photo courtesy of www.crabtreegardens.com

The Lil Yoga BarnAt the GWA regional meeting this past May I met Sandi and Dave Crabtree, owners of Crabtree Gardens in Drumms, PA. This couple has taken their Bed & Breakfast surrounded by beautiful gardens to the next level through diversification and thinking ‘outside the box’. 

What piqued my interest was their partnership with a local yoga instructor to hold classes at The Lil Yoga Barn at Crabtree GardensThey define yoga and gardening in a very special way – yo.gar.denA plot of sacred ground where organic plants and yoga enthusiasts cultivate and spread universal love.

They’ve also paired with a massage therapist for outdoor massages, an artist for children’s art classes and more. This destination attraction has caught the eye of that younger generations who are searching for more than plants and prefers ‘experiences’.

According to the 2014 Garden Trends report below, Crabtree Gardens is on target to meet today’s consumer’s needs and wants. How can your business draw inspiration from Crabtree Gardens to connect with Millenials?  

Crabtree Gardens Offers Outdoor Massages in the Garden
Photo courtesy of www.crabtreegardens.com

Cinderella is the Belle of the Ball

Cinderella® Genetically Dwarf Crabapple
Malus ‘Cinzam’

Cinderella® Dwarf Crabapple

Cinderella is the smallest Malus in the Round Table Series of Genetically Dwarf Crabapples.  She can be utilized as a small tree or shrub in the landscape. When top grafted, she is the perfect size for a container patio tree. Her tolerance to road salt makes her a great street tree option.  

Cinderella® Dwarf Crabapple shrub form  Cinderella® Dwarf Crabapple tree form

“I first saw Cinderella in a garden setting while visiting Lake County Nursery, Inc. several years ago, and fell in love with this adorable, petite crabapple. I knew I’d have to have one. My chance came the following spring when I renovated my front garden. I saved the prime spot for this tree and have never regretted it. The shape is perfect, it’s completely carefree, and it looks great all year.”  

– Jane Milliman, Upstate Gardeners’ Journal Publisher

Persian Spire new varieties showcase winner

Persian Spire Parrotia Wins Award of Merit

We are pleased to announce that Persian Spire Parrotia was honored with an Award of Merit from the New Varieties Showcase at the Farwest Trade Show.

Persian Spire™ Ironwood

We knew John Lewis of JLPN had a winner, but third party validation is always welcome!

Landscape designers and architects at the show commented that Parrotia is underused in both residential and commercial projects and they liked the attributes this new introduction has to offer.

John Lewis Instagram Video Shot at the 2013 Farwest Show
Check out the Instagram video shot at the Farwest trade show

John Lewis said, “Now we have a Parrotia cultivar that brings something else to the table – upright, fast growing and spring growth with purple edges.”

Parrotia Persian Spire Sales Flyer
For more detailed information, download the plant profile flyer and press release.
Farwest Show New Variety Showcase Burlap Tree

Cool Stuff at Hot Summer Trade Shows

The one tree everyone wanted but wasn’t ‘live’ at the Farwest Show was created by Ann Murphy,OAN Marketing Director and her talented ANLD and Master Gardener volunteers. 
Artfully crafted out of chicken wire and burlap and embellished with hanging crystals to look like rain, it was a dramatic entrance to the New Varieties Showcase.
Harvest Automation
HV-100 Robotic Plant Mover

Addressing labor scarcity issues, Harvest Automation demonstrated their pot moving robot on the Farwest show floor which we captured on Instagram.

Leaf Hopper Hauler
I discovered the Leafhopper garden debris hauler. It’s easy-to-use and lower back friendly.
View the video.

'Mighty Velvet' Stachys
The new Mighty Velvet Stachys from the HGTV HOME Plant Collection garnered ooh’s and aah’s for being both soft and tough.  

Run-a-Long™ Honeysuckle  Calico Cat™ Boston Ivy
Tepee trellised 
Run-a-Long™Honeysuckle and Calico Cat™ Boston Ivy from Van Essen Nursery stopped attendees in their tracks.

2014 Garden Trends Report

What’s Trending Can Impact Sales Growth

Just like yoga, the main focus for 2014 is ‘Finding Balance’.

Photo courtesy of GMG 

I had the honor of introducing Susie McCoy of Garden Media Group as she debuted the 2014 Garden Trends Report at the Garden Writers Symposium in Quebec City, Canada.

She detailed six major consumer shifts in buying habits along with some lower level trends that will affect consumer garden purchases.

Key points include:
1. Women’s financial power at unprecedented levels
2. Millenials are a buying force
3. Seeking happiness in a wired world
4. Sustainability trend continues to deepen
5. Garden buying in flux
6. Alcohol and gardening are a happy mix
Start Up Smart
Additionally, top five future retail trends were also recently shared on StartupSmart by two on-line retail industry experts.

How will you take this trend information and incorporate it into your wholesale and retail strategies to help boost your sales?



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