Three LCN Selections barberries are top picks!

Top 3 LCN Selections Barberries

Recently Crimson Ruby® and Bonanza Gold® were included in the University of Connecticut’s ‘Barberry OK for Sale/Production’ list. Due to their low seed count, they are considered less invasive and a preferred choice of this popular landscape plant. You can use this new designation as a tool to promote sales of these varieties! If you’d like to be licensed for either or both less invasive cultivars, let us know and we’ll get you signed up! 
Additionally, Golden Ruby® barberry was named a 2012 Great Plant Pick! It joins over 800 exceptional plants for gardens in the maritime Pacific Northwest as recommended by the Elisabeth C. Miller Botanical Garden.

We’d like to take this opportunity to announce that Golden Ruby is no longer under exclusivity and therefore can be produced by any existing LCN Selections licensee in liner and/or finished sizes. If interested in adding Golden Ruby to your production schedule, please let us know!
GROWER TIP: As we head in to the hot summer months, keep in mind that the root system of these dwarf barberries is small and tight just like its habit.

On hot and especially windy days, treat them like a golfer’s putting green; give them a second, smaller dose of water in mid to late afternoon to keep them fresh and lustrous looking.

New Uses for Old Favorites

Some LCN Selections favorites have been receiving press for their unusual uses in the home landscape.

Old Time Favorite Trees 
Susan Morrison, co-author of Garden Up! (an Amazon ‘Best Books of 2011’) featured Snow Fountains® Weeping CherryMolten Lava® and Weeping Candied Apple™crabapples in her January 19th Blue Planet Garden Blog on ‘Weeping Trees Go Vertical’.
The article, ‘A Different Kind of Snow’ appeared in the Nov/Dec issue of the northern State-by-State consumer gardening magazines and detailed the over dozen forms Snow Fountains® can be grown and utilized in the landscape.
Drive your sales by utilizing either or both of these feature articles to your customers.

Order Cuttings Now for 2012 Top Plant Picks

Myrica Bobbee™ and Weeping Extraordinaire™ Double Flowering Cherry received our top marketing focus during 2011-2012.

Myrica Bobbee and Weeping Snow Fountain Cherry

Summer wood for Bobbee™ mist cuttings will ready mid-summer. Supply is limited so order early!

Golden Candle Tree

Coming Attractions

One of the trees we’ll be featuring in 2012-13 will be Golden Candle™Upright Kolreuteria. 

Bob Pettorini, Vice President Production of LCN says, “Unlike the species, this columnar choice forms a nice head when young.”

 Dick Bocci, Customer Service Manager ofCarlton Plants says, “Customers after seeing the Golden Candle can’t wait to get it into their offerings.  This tree has got to be one of my favorites.”

If interested in a license and/or summer budwood for Golden Candle just let us know!

We’re Here for You!

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