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Versatile Is Its Middle Name
SNOW FOUNTAINS® Weeping Cherry Prunus x ‘Snofozam’

Prunus Snow Fountains
While this weeping ornamental cherry is most familiar in its top grafted mushroom-looking shape, it has untapped potential in the landcape in its other lesser-known forms.

Prunus Snow Fountain espalier examples
Twelve Uses the in Landscape – No Kidding!

Top Grafted: Use as a single umbrella form tree or plant in multiples, grafted on to serrula for an exfoliating bark feature.
Bottom Budded: Forms a single tree with a fountain-like flowing effect along the entire trunk, train the trunk into a serpentine ‘S’ shape, or any crazy shape you desire.
Espalier: Train on a building, fence, arbor or trellis.
Ground Cover: Unstaked it will grow along the ground or you can let it cascade over a wall.

Bountiful Farms Prunus Snow Fountain examples

Bountiful Farms is now offering Snow Fountains® in diverse habits via their Patio Collection. Flexibility meets creativity with splendid results as an arbor, patio umbrella or screen!

For more on Snow Fountains, read my article ‘A Different Kind of Snow’ in the Nov/Dec issues of the northern State-by-State Gardening magazines.

CENTS Short Course 2012

Have Suitcase, Will Talk & Travel

January signals the start of the winter trade show season. 

I’ll be appearing at the following events:

The National Green Centre’s Special Welcome Breakfast for the Garden Writers Association on Sunday, January 8th.

The Ohio State University Short Course in conjunction with CENTS on Monday, January 23rd at 9:30 am on ‘Branding & Your Bottom Line: More Linked Than You Think’.

You can also find me in the Van Essen Nursery booth talking up LCN Selections new plant introductions from
11 am – 12 pm at these trade shows:
National Green Centre
Sun & Mon 1/8-1/9
Wed & Thurs 1/7-1/8
Mon & Tues 1/23-1/24
ProGreen Expo
Wed, Thurs & Fri 2/8-2/10

Looking forward to seeing you in person soon!

Santa's Delight® English Holly

Ho! Ho! Ho!
Santa’s Delightful Holly

Monrovia Growers, an LCN Selections licensed grower, recently featured Santa’s Delight® in their online newsletter Plant Savvy®.  The article focuses on hollies as a great source of food for birds during the winter.
Besides bright red berries, Santa’s Delight has raspberry red new growth. Creamy white and green variegated foliage take on pink and red hues in the fall. 

Finished product is available through 
Monrovia Growers and liners from 
Decker’s Nursery.

Santa's Delight® English Holly
Mom, Dad and Daughter Zampini Bunch

Happy Holidays!

On behalf of myself and my parents, Jim and Marge Zampini, may the true gift of this holiday season be yours – peace, hope, and love. And may 2012 be a new year filled with good health, happiness and prosperity for all! 

My mom recently gave me a clipping which appeared in the local newspaper when I was just a wee tot (I’m really dating myself here!)
Childhood Letter to Santa
It brought back fond Christmas memories. It gave me a chuckle and hopefully it might do the same for you. 

Here’s to creating more wonderful holiday memories this season with family and friends!


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