Blue Blaze Arrow Wood Viburnum
Viburnum dentatum x ‘Blubzam’

Blue Blaze™ Arrow Wood Viburnum fruit  Blue Blaze™ Arrow Wood Viburnum shrub

Height & Spread 4-5′ h x 5-6′ w
Shape Upright, rounded
Flower White
Fruit Blue
Zone 3
Foliage Gray-green

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– Red-purple fall foliage
– Grows in a wide range of soil types
– Tolerates harsh conditions like drought, salt and pollutants
– Part of the American Beauties Native Plants program

“Many of today’s landscapes have to adapt to the smaller lot sizes being offered to homeowners … LCN Selections are a perfect fit due to their compact habit and mature size which is considerably smaller than the species.”  Read more! 


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