Blue Blaze™, Fireworks™Raspberry Tart™, Newport® and Ovation™ Viburnums

Blue Blaze™ and Raspberry Tart™ Viburnums
Blue Blaze™ Arrow Wood Viburnum“Being a niche grower, specializing in Viburnums, we are frequently asked if there are any Viburnums that do not get large. Many of today’s landscapes have to adapt to the smaller lot sizes being offered to homeowners, so all of the above listed LCN Selections are a perfect fit due to their compact habit and mature size which is considerably smaller than the species. “

Fireworks™ Arrow Wood Viburnum
Fireworks™ Arrow Wood Viburnum berries“Dentatum Viburnum is a compact grower with a columnar habit, growing 6-7’ tall and only 4-5’ wide.  The foliage is glossy green, turning ruby-red in autumn.  Flowers are borne in flat-topped cymes in early June, producing blue-black fruits which are persistent if not eaten by the birds.”

 Ovation™ Blackhaw Viburnum

Ovation™ Blackhaw Viburnum flowers“This selection of prunifolium viburnum is a slower grower that is self scaffolding, forming a very tight and compact, upright, columnar structure that is perfect for screens or limited space areas.  Very formal in habit, it grows 10’ tall and only 6’ wide.  The new foliage emerges a subtle rosy-pink, maturing to a crisp celery green.  The flowers are typical of the species, attracting hummingbirds and butterflies.  Fall color is a rich burgundy.  Our customers love the upright habit of this plant, and since its introduction, it has outsold the species.”

Newport® Japanese Snowball Viburnum
Newport® Viburnum“A dwarf and very compact, rounded plicatum maturing at 4-5’ tall and wide, growing only ½ the size of the parent.  It has a tidy, neat, clean habit that rarely requires pruning.  The showy flowers are prolific, born in upright snowball-like clusters.  The deep green foliage is quilted (ridge-furrow effect) which turns a superior rich burgundy in autumn.  There is no fruit as the flowers are sterile.  The selection is quite the show stopper when in bloom with flowers lasting almost 3 weeks when temperatures are favorable.”

Classic Viburnums Logo– Gary Ladman, Partner
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