| Kylee Baumle
248 pages
Timber Press, 2010
List price: $19.95

The Nonstop Garden bookMost of us want a garden that looks good all year round, but few of us know just how to make that happen. With help from Cohen and Benner in The Nonstop Garden, gardeners get detailed information on creating attractive gardens that perform, no matter what the season.

This book is jam-packed with good stuff!
The photos alone provide valuable tips and insight into what plants to use and more. Design ideas abound – no matter how you garden – whether with natives, scented plants, cool colors, or in areas that like it wet. There’s even a plan for a hell strip garden.

Plenty of basic gardening advice is included 
There are lists of other sources and handy plant tables and charts in the back of the book. The Nonstop Garden is a timeless guide for beginning and experienced gardeners alike, taking much of the trial-and-error out of creating a beautiful garden that works – winter, spring, summer and fall.

Stephanie Cohen, The Perennial DivaAward-winning author and horticulturist Stephanie Cohen taught herbaceous plants and perennial design at Temple University for more than twenty years.

The former director of the Landscape Arboretum at Temple University, she is a contributing editor for Fine Gardening magazine and The HGTV Newsletter.


Jennifer BennerWriter, photographer, and horticulture consultant Jennifer Benner has extensive experience in garden installation and maintenance as well as in nursery production.

A former editor and photographer for Fine Gardening, Jennifer has also worked as a gardener, specializing in containers and perennial gardens, in Nantucket, Massachusetts.


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