Cinderella® Dwarf Crabapple
Malus ‘Cinzam’

Cinderella® Dwarf Crabapple tree  Cinderella® Dwarf Crabapple flower

Height & Spread 6-8′ h x 5′ w
Shape Oval upright
Flower White, red bud, single
Fruit 3/8″ gold
Zone 4
Foliage Green




As Seen In …
Better Homes and Gardens

– Extremely dwarf with a compact, upright habit
– Just the right size for a container patio tree
– Great as a top graft
– Disease and salt tolerant

I first saw Cinderella in a garden setting while visiting Lake County Nursery, Inc. several years ago, and fell in love with this adorable, petite crabapple.” Read more!

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