Garden Renovation: The BookBobbie’s Green Thumb: Garden Renovation: Transform Your Yard Into the Garden of Your Dreams

Gardens, just like houses, sometimes need makeovers. The changes can be as minor as replacing a shrub or as major as pulling everything up and starting from scratch. No matter the size of the space or the scope of the project, the sage advice in Garden Renovation will help turn a problem-filled yard into a paradise. Bobbie Schwartz draws on her years of experience as a garden designer to teach homeowners how to evaluate the plants and features present in their yards, determine what to keep and what to remove, choose the right plants and design plans for successful remodels, and how to know when to hire help. A gallery of before-and-after photos provides ideas and inspiration for turning a tired garden into an enlivening retreat.
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Bobbie Schwartz
Bobbie Schwartz, Award-Winning Landscape Designer

Award-winning landscape designer Bobbie Schwartz, FAPLD, lectures nationally and writes columns on perennials and landscape design. Her signature style is the use of perennials, flowering shrubs, and ornamental grasses to create year-round color and interest.


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