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Daughter Inspires New Pink Styrax

Madison, OH (June 12, 2014) – UpShoot is proud to announce the release of Marleys Pink™ Japanese Snowbell by JLPN Inc. of Salem, Oregon.
JLPN owner John Lewis named this distinctive weeping ornamental tree with lemon verbena and cotton candy scented flowers because it reminded him of the character and charm of his daughter Marley. Marleys Pink is highly versatile and can be used in the landscape as a narrow growing specimen tree. It is also great as a container centerpiece and fits well into smaller urban gardens.
“I’ve always felt this tree selection is something truly unique and special; it grabs your attention and focus, much like my daughters magnetic personality,” said John Lewis.  “There was no question that I would name the selection after Marley, because it’s a constant reminder of her youth, charm and innocence, every time I see it.”
Marleys Pink Parasol® Japanese SnowbellMarleys Pink™ Japanese Snowbell
Styrax japonica ‘JLWeeping’ US PP 23,755 P3

Height & Spread 8-10′ h x 4-5′ w
Shape Weeping
Flower Pink
Fruit Brown nutlet capsules
Zone 5
Foliage Dark, glossy green, finely serrated edge
The sweetly perfumed flowers cascade prolifically in springtime.  Marleys Pink has glossier, larger, and darker green foliage than most other Snowbell cultivars. In fall, the tree holds onto its bright lemon-yellow leaves until the many other trees have already shed theirs.

Where to Find and See Marleys PinkJapanese Snowbell

Farwest 2013 New Varieties Showcase Marleys Pink will make its formal debut at the FarWest Trade Show August 21-23 in the New Varieties Showcase
Trees will be featured in both JLPN Booth #2049 and UpShoot Booth #2045-2047.


ExcelLiners are available from JLPN Inc. with large liners and finished stock from growers across the country.

Marleys Pink Parasol® Japanese SnowbellHigh-res photos available upon request.
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About JLPN

JLPN Liners, Inc.JLPN Inc., in the heart of the Oregon Willamette Valley is an industry leading, wholesale producer of bare root and container grown, fruit and ornamental bare root deciduous shade tree seedlings, cultivar rooted cuttings, grafting and budding under stock.
For more information, please contact John at 877-490-7844 or john@jlpnliners.com

About UpShoot

Maria and Jim ZampiniUpShoot, LLC is a boutique horticulture marketing firm offering expert sales, marketing and licensing of new plant introductions and gardening-related products to licensed growers, plant breeders, retailers, garden media and consumers.
For more information, contact Maria Zampini at 440-812-3249 or maria@upshoothort.com


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