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Halloween theme - daVinci decorated pot

American-Made daVinci Grow & Drop In Pots to Help Growers and Retailers Score Big this Holiday Season

Say goodbye to floral sleeves and pot wraps. The pictures prove it: daVinci Grow & Drop in Pots offer a high-end, seamless bench to consumer experience with less work. Their made-in-America IML (in-mold-labeled) designs are inspired by nature, works of art, and current marketplace trends and provide an up-market finish for seasonal color, gift plants, and grab-and-go containers.
Decorated pot for growers

Value-Added Grower Option

“The daVinci distinction is that you can finish where you start. In other words, rather than growing in a standard pot and then needing to sleeve or wrap, the product is automatically ready to ship when the plant is mature for market,” says Ron Vandiver, Business Development Manager, Horticulture for Airlite Plastics. “There’s no second step of applying sleeves after growing or pot wraps before transplanting. It’s a tremendous time saver that lowers labor costs while also giving growers the ability to provide a tremendous value-added product to retailers.”
Using in-mold label technology (IML) means superb graphics, colors, and designs that are bonded permanently to the pot, and enhanced with UV resistant dyes, creating a durable, vibrant, and long-lasting product.  All daVinci designs are also 100% recyclable.
Trendy new decorated pot designs by daVinci
Array of daVinci decorated pots

New Designs On Trend for IGCs

The second part of “grow and drop in” is the drop in. New designs debuted this summer at Cultivate ’18 and the IGC Show, including Birch, White Ceramic, Distressed Terra Cotta, Hand Ceramic, and others. They join the current lineup of “Is that or isn’t it?” offerings that blend seamlessly on the shelf with actual ceramic, birch-covered, distressed metal, and terra cotta pots, but at a fraction of the cost.

Custom Designs a Touchdown for Retailers

Custom-designed pots for SporticultureIf you don’t see what you want in the daVinci catalog, custom is always an option! Sporticulture, a division of Walnut Springs Nursery in the Baltimore/Washington area, is giving sports fans something to cheer about with their custom-designed line of NFL and NCAA pots filled with pansies, mums, and other seasonally-appropriate plants. “Customers are loving them,” says Cort Smith. “We worked with daVinci to develop a new larger sized pot, a 3 gallon, that makes a perfect focal piece on patios, decks and porches. The response we had from wholesale growers and from retailers was very positive.”


daVinci is happy to create custom products. For information and minimums, contact Ron Vandiver, rvandiver@airliteplastics.com.


daVinci decorated pots with holiday theme

Increase Holiday Sales

Christmas potSee an instant uptick in sales with daVinci Christmas designs. Amaryllis, poinsettias, paperwhites, and seasonal floral arrangements are the perfect fit for daVinci’s options. Again, it all comes down to adding value, and what better way to do it than with upscale, re-useable (sustainable) pots?
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daVinci Decorated Pots
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About daVinci Decorated Pots

As part of the Airlite Plastics family of brands, daVinci puts Airlite’s 60+ years of experience to work focusing on on-time delivery of precisely engineered products, manufactured to demanding specifications. daVinci Decorated Pots offers in-mold-labeled (IML) designer styled, premium grow pots and drop-ins.  Made in the USA for quick turnaround from order to delivery, with consistency, quality, and attention to detail. daVinci products are made to exacting standards, using the latest IML robotics to keep costs low.  Located in Omaha, NE, USA.

About UpShoot

Maria ZampiniUpShoot, LLC is a boutique horticulture marketing firm specializing in the sales, licensing and marketing of new plant introductions to North America, Canada, Europe and Australia. UpShoot also provides marketing services for gardening related products to both the trade and consumer audiences. For more information, contact Maria Zampini, President at 440-812-3249 or maria@upshoothort.com.]]>

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