Fabulously ‘Old Fashioned’

We’re proud to say UpShoot is now representing several new plants from Peter and Reinier van Rijseen of Plantipp.


The first plant we’d like to introduce you to is:

The new Cotinus coggygria ‘Old Fashioned’ PBR was found between seedlings of Cotinus coggygria.

It caught breeder’s attention by its striking round leaves which are rather big in comparison to the species.

In summertime, the leaves are bluish-green with reddish petioles. The young growth is dark-pink. In autumn the leaves turn a showy old-pink and orange-pink-red.

‘Old Fashioned’ Cotinus Liners

For propagation rights, please contact us today! Plants are available from the following growers:

 Briggs Nursery  North American Plants, Inc.
 Briggs Nursery  North American Plants 

Are You Ready for Spring?

Are you all set for spring, summer and beyond? The market is taking a turn for the better; don’t be caught short!

Mr. Bowling Ball®
Globe Arborvitae

Golden Ruby™ 

Mr. Bowling Ball® Globe Arborvitae Golden Ruby® Barberry

Créme de Mint™ 
Siberian Dogwood
Passionate™ Hydrangea Créme de Mint™ Siberian Dogwood

If you’re looking to fill holes in your production plans, reach out to the following LCN Selections licensed growers for shrub liners.

D&B Plants     Decker's Nursery  Herd Farms Nursery
 D & B
Herd Farms 
JLPN Manor View Farms Van Belle Nursery Van Essen Nursery
 JLPN  Manor View Farm Van Belle Nursery Van Essen Nursery
UpShoot Website: Plant of the Month

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

We’ve added a ‘Plant of the Month’ feature to our website home page, showcasing three plants every month.

Simply choose a desired plant and up pops a profile with photos. Click on any of the pictures to reveal a photo album of that selection.

Plant Photo Montage - Malus Sugar Tyme fruit, Pyrus Jack flowers, Viburnum Newport flowers
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