<143f24f7-138d-47bf-b01e-ee6174468e9bIt’s nearly that most wonderful time of the year!  Soon you’ll be thinking of gift ideas for the gardeners in your life, and what better gift than Garden-pedia: an A-to-Z Guide to Gardening Terms!
Jennifer Polanz, Managing Editor of Green Profit Magazine, mentions Garden-pedia in her ‘All I Want for Christmas’ Letter from the Editor in the November issue. Polanz covers ideas on how to compete with big box retailers by creating gardening gift sets and themed baskets, making shopping inspirational and easy for your customers.
One example would be to mirror what Garden-pedia co-author Maria Zampini has done in her UpShootHort shop on Etsy. She paired an autographed and personalized copy of her book tucked in to a burlap girdle pot from The Seed Keeper Company along with a packet of Renee’s Garden Seeds all pulled together with a pretty ribbon. You could even take this idea and ‘kick it up a notch’ by adding in a gift card to your garden center.
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