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Floral ElixirsFor Immediate Release
Name: Maria Zampini
Company: UpShoot™ LLC
Address: 5010 South Ridge Rd Madison, OH 44057
Cell: 440.812.3249
Fax: 440.357.7676
Email: maria@upshoothort.com
Blog: The CoHort Zone
Website: www.upshoothort.com
Cocktail gardening is hot right now—and nothing quite beats growing your own—but for those adventurous mixologists without the time, space, or knowledge to tend a garden, there’s another solution: Floral Elixirs.
QuoteThese brightly-colored botanical infusions are handcrafted from the finest organic distilled essences of herbs, flowers and fruits including rose, hibiscus, lavender, elderberry, rose hips, cherry blossoms, and more. Natural plant extracts give the elixirs their colorful hues. Each small batch is hand-mixed by founder Nora beverageEgger and carefully decanted into 8.5 oz or 2 oz bottles beautifully labeled and gold-foil sealed, making them perfect for gifting individually or as part of a basket or package.
Bottles are inscribed with mixology recommendations—which soda or spirit best complements the elixirs—and they’re by no means limited to boozy concoctions. The Floral Elixir website lists recipes for incorporating the infusions into hot teas, sparkling sodas, and more.
Giving and Getting
Whether you’re looking for a corporate gift idea, or need to stock the garden center or gift shop with something unique for the holiday season, Floral Elixirs are the answer. They’ve been featured in a variety of consumer and trade publications, including Garden Center Magazine’s article, “10 Highlights and Takeaways from the 2016 IGC Show Chicago,” In StyleGo magazine, and more.
kitOrdering Options
8.5 ounce large bottles, which fit a pour spout
2 ounce mini Elixir bottles
Sampler kits with five 2 ounce bottles. (18 sampler kit choices include Tea Lovers, Wine Lovers, Love Potions, Holiday Cheers, and more!
Egger & SchwankeIn Praise of Floral Elixirs
Schwanke–The Flower Expert, CEO of uBloom.com, Host of the Flower Cocktail Hour®, and President of J. Schwanke Productions–says, “Floral Elixirs are incredible! You see a person’s eyes light up when they taste Lavender or Rose or Violet (my favorites). The subtle nature of these products make them the perfect addition to champagne, vodka, gin or soda, and Nora’s unique recipes provide helpful tips to creating your own ‘Flower Cocktail Hour®.’ Order plenty and order often—you’ll be glad you did! Cheers!”
Floral Elixirs have been acknowledged for their uniqueness with including the LA Int’l Wine & Spirits Awards for several flavors and ‘Best in Category’ Cocktail Mixer for the Prickly Pear Elixir.
Consumers can order individual bottles or gift sets on-line at www.floralelixir.com. Retailers, caterers or wedding planners interested in wholesale pricing, with low minimum orders, can contact Nora Egger directly under the ‘Contact’ form on the website or email her direct at nora@floralelixir.com.
About Nora Egger, Founder of Floral Elixir Co.
EggerIn 2008, Nora returned to the United States after living in Europe for a decade, during which she traveled extensively to more distant countries and immersed herself in the incredible foods, herbs and drinks of different cultures. From the seasides of the Mediterranean to the Balkans, the Middle East and Asia, Nora noticed that flowers played a role in creating beautiful drinks and dishes. Upon her return stateside, she wanted to revisit those experiences and create her own line of cocktail and soda mixers. She and her team craft each bottle by hand in small kettles, and there’s always a bottle of seltzer and bubbles laying around for “testing!”
About Upshoot
ZampinisUpShoot, LLC is a boutique horticulture marketing firm specializing in the sales, licensing and marketing of new plant introductions to North America, Canada, Europe and Australia. UpShoot also provides marketing services for gardening related products to both the trade and consumer audiences. For more information, contact Maria Zampini, President at 440-812-3249 or maria@upshoothort.com.]]>

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