Geauga® Gray Dogwood 
Cornus racemosa ‘Geazam’

Geauga® Gray Dogwood flower  Geauga® Gray Dogwood fall hedge

Height & Spread 6-8′ h x 4′ w
Shape Upright
Flower Creamy-white
Fruit White
Zone 4
Foliage Green-black, glossy

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– Unique glossy black-green leaves stand out against mahogany-red new growth
– Thrives in hash conditions, tolerating wet, dry and poor soils
– A fast growing hedge that can be pruned for a more formal appearance
– Distinctive gray stems are attractive in the winter
– Part of the American Beauties Native Plants program


“Tough as nails!  Every landscape designer dreams of a plant that can withstand drought and shade but also performs beautifully in sun and average moisture, is available in different sizes and shapes, and has more than one season of interest.” Read more!

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