Golden Candle™ Upright Golden Rain Tree

Golden Candle™ Golden Rain Tree Koelreuteria paniculata ‘Gocanzam’“There are many new varieties of upright narrow columnar trees.  One of my favorites is Golden Candle™.  It is a tree with compound medium green leaves. It is very narrow (4 feet wide) and very upright to about 35 feet, and has golden blooms on the end of the upright branches.  It is a seedless variety with good heat and drought tolerance.  I like the tree for its tight upright shape and good color.  The bloom is a plus, but it would be a great tree without the bloom.  It is a good accent tree, which can be grown in most urban environments.”

– Lance Lyon, Owner, Lance Lyon Consulting

Golden Candle™ Golden Rain Tree Koelreuteria paniculata ‘Gocanzam’“We are always looking for new and exciting plant varieties to offer our customers each year.  One of the most new and exciting varieties recently introduced by LCN is the narrow columnar variety of Golden Rain Tree, Golden Candle™.  This variety has everything one wants in today’s trees for today’s market.  It is narrow (4 feet wide) with very upright branching, growing to a mature height of 35 feet.  It has beautiful golden blooms and because of its growth habit will fit in most urban settings.  Customers, after seeing the Golden Candle™, can’t wait to get it into their offerings.  This tree has got to be one of my favorites.”

Carlton Plants– Dick Bocci, Customer Service Manager
  Carlton Plants


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