Guinevere® Dwarf Crabapple
Malus ‘Guinzam’

Guinevere® Dwarf Crabapple spring flowering tree  Guinevere® Dwarf Crabapple flowers

Height & Spread 6-8′ h x 12-15′ w
Shape Rounded
Flower Mauve and white, single
Fruit 3/8″ bright red
Zone 4
Foliage Midnight green, wine frost






As Seen In ...

– Fragrant flowers
– Mauve and white blooms appear simultaneously
– Makes a nice top grafted tree
– Disease resistant

“Guinevere® is a crabapple tree for all seasons. It blooms in mid spring with dark pink buds that open as pale pink, almost white, flowers and has beautiful dark green foliage that turns to shades of orange in the fall.” Read more!




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