Guinevere® Dwarf Crabapple

Guinevere® Dwarf Crabapple fruitGuinevere® is a crabapple tree for all seasons. It blooms in mid spring with dark pink buds that open as pale pink, almost white, flowers and has beautiful dark green foliage that turns to shades of orange in the fall. It is a “neat and tidy” crabapple that rarely produces any actual crabapples and never shows of disease.  It stays naturally smaller, almost reminiscent of a Japanese maple in the garden, making it suitable for small spaces and smaller gardens. I can and do recommend this variety to others.”

Carol Michel– Carol Michel, Garden Writer
   May Dream Gardens Blog


Guinevere® Dwarf Crabapple fruit“Take advantage of the stunning silhouettes many trees and shrubs exhibit in the winter landscape. Choose plants that also have attractive flowers, fruit or foliage – such as apples and crabapples (Malus species and cultivars, Zones 3 to 9, such as Malus Guinevere) since these will provide interest at other times of the year, when winter is all but a distant memory.”

The Nonstop Garden bookAuthored by: Stephanie Cohen and Jennifer Benner
Quote taken from: The Nonstop Garden
Printed by: Timber Press



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