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July 2017 – Grand Saline, TX—Hollywood™ Hibiscus are red carpet ready for Cultivate! Bad Boy is gearing up to paint the town red—he just got out of quarantine before the CA Spring Trials—with his date, Leading Lady. Sugar Daddy is bringing Chatty Cathy and Hot Shot. (Stay tuned for pics of that outing.) Gossip Queen, Social Butterfly, and First to Flirt have teamed up to bring visitors wall-to-wall coverage of the red carpet. Rumor has it that Starstruck and Gold Digger are in fierce competition for “best dressed,” while Jolly Polly and Best Friend are content to watch the show unfold. Firecracker is the big wildcard—who knows what he’ll say when he gets up on stage.
bad boy and leading lady
There’s never a dull moment when Hollywood™ Hibiscus are on scene. The personalities just love to strut their stuff—big, colorful blooms that open continuously all summer long. For the best show in town, visit the J. Berry Nursery booth #1152 at Cultivate. Bring your autograph book.
Red Carpet Ready for an Evening of Excellence
Evening of ExcellenceHollywood™ Hibiscus are to be guests of honor at the Greenhouse Grower “Evening of Excellence,” nominated for the Editor’s Choice award. The event celebrates achievement in growing, breeding, and marketing in the horticultural industry, spotlighting the best new varieties from the California Spring Trials, at which J. Berry plants appeared for the first time in 2017. Additionally, the Greenhouse Grower Medal of Excellence and Greenhouse Grower Grower of the Year Awards will be announced.
“With the allure of deep burgundy foliage, the Black Diamond® Crapemyrtle provides a striking and long lasting accent plant for your container gardens. While the foliage alone draws your attention, the surprise of flowering color that comes early summer followed by autumn’s delicate seed pots keeps the display an ever-evolving botanical beauty. When planted in Crescent Garden’s light weight double-walled decorative containers, the Black Diamond® Crapemyrtle can grow for years and be easily transported indoors for the winter in zones 2-5,” says Barbara Wise of Crescent Garden and author, Container Gardening for All Seasons.
The Stars Come Out:
J. Berry Introductions in Cultivate New Product Showcase

Swing by the New Product Showcase for an up close and personal look at three of J. Berry’s new introductions:
summer spiceSummer Spice™ Hardy Hibiscus
Everyone’s getting their first peek at Summer Spice™ Hardy Hibiscus. Jim Berry says, “The new collection exhibits exceptionally compact growth habits and colors never seen before in Hardy Hibiscus. We are thrilled to introduce these genetics to retail in 2018 and so happy to provide this industry debut at the Cultivate Show.”
Emerald Empire® Crapemyrtles
Emerald EmpireJ. Berry extends its reach in the crapemyrtle market with the release of the Emerald Empire® collection. The breeding program promises the full color palette range of remarkable green-leafed crapemyrtles organized in subcollections of Prince, Queen and King sizes —allowing landscapers and gardeners to find the best crapemyrtle to suit their space.
emerald empire
Garnet King and Amethyst King selections were created for large landscapes. Each selection has a 20’ tall mature height and a 20’ and 10’ canopy respectively. These varieties are draped with gorgeous blooms from early summer until first frost.
Ruby Prince and Garnet Queen crapemyrtles have deep green foliage with dark venation and are resistant to powdery mildew and cercospora leaf spot. The former is a compact, shrub form, while the latter fills in the landscape as a small tree or large shrub. Both flower continuously all summer long.
gold diggerHollywood™ Hibiscus
Hollywood™ Hibiscus have proved incredibly popular with consumers who have eagerly accepted the challenge to “collect them all.” New varieties Bad Boy and Gold Digger exhibit the trademark high bud and bloom counts, attractive growth habits, disease resistance, and vivid beautiful colors of the rest of the line.
About J. Berry Nursery
In 2016, J. Berry Nursery celebrated its 10th Anniversary of “Discovering and Delivering Great Plants.” In addition to the Crapemyrtle series, J. Berry also offers the award-winning Hollywood Hibiscus™ series, Déjà Bloom® Azaleas, and more. To learn about J. Berry’s history and plant introductions, visit www.jberrynursery.com.
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MariaAbout Upshoot

UpShoot, LLC is a boutique horticulture marketing firm specializing in the sales, licensing and marketing of new plant introductions to North America, Canada, Europe and Australia. UpShoot also provides marketing services for gardening related products to both the trade and consumer audiences. For more information, contact Maria Zampini, President at 440-812-3249 or maria@upshoothort.com



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