February 20, 2018   Designers, landscapers, and contractors now have an instant option for privacy, screening, and aesthetics with InstantHedge.
“Marrying custom, patented technology with decades of horticultural experience, we have created beautiful, high-quality hedges for any landscape. Rather than waiting years for a traditional planting to grow together to form a screen, our InstantHedge provides immediate gratification as a ready-made solution for privacy and design,” says owner Brent Markus.

So What Are InstantHedges?

They are truly instant hedges! Each InstantHedge is an evergreen or deciduous hedge sold in panels of four trees that have been pruned multiple times each year using GPS tracking equipment to provide extraordinary density. Revolutionary technology ensures precision, accuracy and delivery of a consistent product. The hedges look like they’ve been growing in place for years, not just dropped in the ground.
InstantHedges arrive on site in sturdy biodegradable cardboard boxes ready to plant, and easy to maneuver with loading equipment. The result? Instant privacy and design features in 3-4′ and 5-6′ heights.
“We don’t ship plants, we ship plantscapes. It’s a totally new product for the U.S. market because of the unit size and scale of production,” says owner Brent Markus. He continues, “and no one can resist instant!”

Instant Intrigue, Instant Gratification

2018 is just the beginning for InstantHedge. “With 400,000 trees in production, we are only starting to discover the applications made possible by this innovation,” says Brent.
If initial response to the products is anything to go by, the future is bright. Response to InstantHedges’ debut at winter trade shows has been outstanding. Renowned plantsman Michael Dirr stopped by to see the hedges at the MANTS trade show and remarked that they were “brilliant!” Many others have told us, “I’ve been waiting for something like this for 15 years.”
Says Brent, “At the show there was a sequence of responses, starting with shock, moving to inquisitiveness, then amazement. Everyone loved the concept once they ‘got’ it.”

Now Everyone Can “Get” It!

Brent Markus of InstantHedgeBrent’s creation of InstantHedge was inspired by a 2012 visit to the Netherlands. He returned home and decided to go big, planting 81 acres with over 400,000 plants. In the ground since 2014, the first InstantHedges are shipping across the country spring 2018. Brent explains, “Five years of growing and our first hedges are topping six feet, so it’s game time!”
With annual production exceeding 100,000 trees, hedge variety trials and ideas of expanding, InstantHedge is ready to supply projects both big and small—this year and for years to come. Early adopting landscape architects, design-build firms and suppliers are catching on.

InstantHedge Choices

InstantHedge offers 13 varieties of ready-to-plant hedges, covering hardiness zones 2-9, heights of 3-6 feet, and full to partial sunlight requirements. Hedges currently ship in biodegradable cardboard boxes with a plastic fabric pot version under development. In addition to the large hedges, they are also releasing an 18″ boxwood hedge in fall 2018.
Buxus x. ‘Green Mountain’ – Green Mountain Boxwood
Prunus laurocerasus – English or Cherry Laurel
Prunus lusitanica – Portuguese Cherry Laurel
Taxus x. media ‘Hicksii’ – Yew
Prunus laurocerasus ‘Schipkaensis’ – Schipka Cherry Laurel
Thuja occidentalis – American Arborvitae
Thuja occidentalis ‘Smaragd’ – Emerald Green Arborvitae
Thuja plicata ‘Virescens’ – Western Red Cedar
Thuja x. ‘Green Giant’ – Green Giant Arborvitae
Fagus sylvatica – European Beech
Acer ginnala ‘Flame’ – Flame Amur Maple
Cornus mas – Cornelian Cherry
Acer campestre – Hedge Maple

Fast Track to InstantHedge

For information, ordering and pricing, visit InstantHedge. Order today by emailing order@instanthedge.com, or call 503.587.0102. For media inquiries contact pr@instanthedge.com.

About InstantHedge

InstantHedgeBrent Markus, owner of InstantHedge, discovered his passion in his teens, landscaping his parents’ garden in a suburb of Chicago. He won his first award, the Chicago Tribune Garden Contest Best Collectors Garden, when he was 17, and his designs have been featured in numerous national publications. Brent attended Cornell University to study landscape architecture and received his Masters in Horticulture. Brent’s original nursery, Rare Tree Nursery, has been operating from the same location for the past 11 years and specializes in Japanese Maples and Dwarf Conifers.
Headquartered in Canby, Oregon, InstantHedge maintains more than 80 acres of in-ground and container-grown hedges and offers year-round harvesting and shipping. The company is now taking orders for delivery through 2020.

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