Knighthood™ Black Haw Viburnum
Viburnum prunifolium ‘Knizam’

Knighthood™ Black Haw Viburnum fall leaves  Knighthood™ Black Haw Viburnum flower

Height & Spread 12-15′ h x 6-8′ w
Shape Upright, vase
Flower 4″ flat creamy clusters
Fruit Blue-black
Zone 3
Foliage Spring: Thick, glossy hunter green
Fall: Red leaf color turns even sooner than Burning Bush



– Selected native
– Can be grown as a small tree
– Disease free
– Mildew resistant
– Drought tolerant
– Great as a screening background
– Clump form makes it an alternative to  Amelanchier as it branches all the way to the  ground


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