Promote Plants Having Dual Purpose in the Landscape
Some plants just can’t decide what they want to be when they grow up –
which means a sales and marketing opportunity for your company!

Contact us today if you’re interested in adding any of these dual personality plants to your product mix!

Cinderella® Dwarf Crabapple

Cinderella is the smallest of the Round Table Series of genetically dwarf crabapples reaching only 6 -8’ in height and 5’ in width.
   Cinderella® Dwarf Crabapple  Cinderella® Dwarf Crabapple
It can be grown as a shrub, like pictured at the Northwest Savings Bank in Painesville, Ohio as a top-grafted or natural looking street tree that fits under the wires and is road salt tolerant.

Christian Prince™ Chinese Dogwood
This hardy kousa dogwood makes a very petite tree, shrub or top-grafted patio tree.

Christian Prince™ Chinese Dogwood  Christian Prince™ Chinese Dogwood

A variegated shrub that can be utilized as a hedge, shrub or it can also be top-grafted to make a patio tree; the bright yellow branches on a red stemmed standard make for winter interest color.

Créme de Mint™ Siberian Dogwood

  Créme de Mint™ Siberian Dogwood

Mr. Bowling Ball® Globe Arborvitae
A carefree maintanence shrub, top-grafted evergreen or easily sheared hedge which provides a replacement for boxwood.
Mr. Bowling Ball® Globe Arborvitae  Mr. Bowling Ball® Globe Arborvitae
Persian SpireUpright Parrotia
Naturally columnar to upright oval in shape, it can be a slim and trim tree, single shrub or shaped into a hedge.
Persian Spire™ Parrotia  Persian Spire™ Parrotia

Sharon Kay™ Doublefile Viburnum
Horizontal branching deciduous shrub can be limbed up for a top-grafted appearance.

Sharon Kay™ Doublefile Viburnum   Sharon Kay™ Doublefile Viburnum

 Garden Up!

Show Time™ and Sugar Tyme® Crabapples

These to winning Malus can be combined to form a bi-color duo such as these from Hans Nelson & Sons Nursery.
  Show Time™ Crabapple
Other LCN Selections trees that easily form espaliers include Molten Lava®
and Weeping Candied Apple™ crabapples and Snow Fountains®
weeping cherry featured below:

Molten Lava® Crabapple  Weeping Candied Apple™ Crabapple

 Snow Fountains® Weeping Cherry  Snow Fountains® Weeping Cherry
Bountiful Farms has trained Snow Fountains into inspiring espaliers for portable privacy screens and welcoming archways for their Patio Collection.
   Snow Fountains® Weeping Cherry  Snow Fountains® Weeping Cherry

GWA First Time Display 

Garden Writers AssociationFor the very first time, UpShoot will be an exhibitor at the Garden Writers Association National Symposium in Booth #525 in Pittsburgh, PA August 8 – 11.  We’re obviously excited to provide first hand exposure for the plants we represent to garden writers from around the globe!

Where is Maria?


Where is Maria?Upcoming Trade Show Schedule

I look forward to seeing you at the following summer trade shows:

July 12 – 15, 2014
Columbus, OH

HGTV HOME Plant Collection

July 30-31, 2014
Philadelphia, PA
HGTV HOME Plant Collection
Garden Writers AssociationAugust 8 – 11, 2014
Pittsburgh, PA
Booth #525
66th Annual Garden Writers Association National Symposium
Nursery Growers of Lake County OhioAugust 12, 2014
Perry, OH
NGLCO Annual Field Day

2014 IGC logoAugust 19-21, 2014
Chicago, IL

HGTV HOME Plant Collection
Independent Garden Center Show

Oregon Association of NurseriesAugust 21 – 23, 2014
Portland, OR
Booths #2045 and #2047

Farwest Tradeshow

Magazine Mentions

Use these magazines to promote the UpShoot plants you grow!
Be sure to pass this onto your marketing person or have them sign up to receive this enewsletter directly.

This Old HouseThis Old House website
June 2014
Uncommon Container Gardens

pc38Pacific Horticulture Magazine
Winter 2014
Plants That Make Scents

Calico3850Garden Center Magazine
March 2014
Calico Cat ivy

washgardenerWashington Gardener
February 2014
New Plant Spotlight

NM0114_CoverNursery Management
January 2014
New Plant Pavilion

ohio gardener janNorthern State by State Gardening
January 2014
Hottest Plants for 2014


NEW! UpShoot is Now on Houzz

We’ve been watching social media trends and Houzz is a new place for homeowners and landscape construction professionals congregate online for ideas.
Houzz contributor Karen Chapman has written multiple posts on Old Fashioned Cotinus and Persian Spire Parrotia.
Are you on Houzz?
We had our first inquiry on Persian Spire two weeks after adding the UpShoot profile from a gardener looking for where to purchase the tree in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.
Let us know how your business is using it successfully.

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