Lo-Hugger™ American Cranberry

Lo-Hugger™ American Cranberry“This is a tough, unique, evergreen fruiting shrub that has bright green foliage with pink flowers in spring, followed by edible fruit and burgundy fall foliage. From a production standpoint, we like Lo-Hugger because it grows fast and we can make size relatively quickly. For landscape designers, Lo-Hugger is a versatile ground cover for corporate and homeowner landscapes. This Vaccinium works well for under foundation shrub and tree plantings or cascading over rock walls and ledges. It integrates well with mixed planters; especially for consumers living in small urban spaces that are crazy for edibles!  The large, red berries are a key feature for feeding both local wildlife and gardeners.  A truly clean, low maintenance, pest and disease free multiple season cultivar.”

Van Essen Nursery– Ken McVicker, 
 Director of Marketing & Product Development
 Van Essen Nursery


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