<Marleys Pink Parasol™ Japanese Snowbell
Styrax japonica ‘JLWeeping’ US PP 23,755 P3

Marleys Pink Parasol® Japanese Snowbell flowers   Marleys Pink Parasol® Japanese Snowbell tree

Height & Spread 8-10′ h x 4-5′ w
Shape Weeping
Flower Pink
Fruit Brown, nutlet capsules
Zone 5
Foliage Darker, glossier green than most cultivars

Marleys Pink Parasol™ Japanese Snowbell Flyer…

FeaturesMarleys Pink Parasol® Japanese Snowbell flyer
– Light, sweet cotton candy fragrance
– Fall foliage color is bright lemon-yellow
– Good pest and disease resistance
– Centerpiece in patio containers
– Great in small gardens or landscape settings
– Named after breeder’s daughter
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Daughter Inspires New Pink Styrax
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Plant genetics provided by: JLPN Nursery]]>

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