Below are articles featuring plants UpShoot represents:

Nursery Magazine

February 2017 Nursery MagazineFebruary 2017
New Varieties


American Nurseryman

American Nurseryman - December 2016December 2016
New Plants 2017: UpShoot LLC


Greenhouse Product News

Jewel of Desert DelospermaAugust 2016
Wise About Water


Nursery Management Magazine

July 2016
Green Guide


Garden Center Magazine

July 2016
Trees and Shrubs That Dazzle


Horticulture Magazine

2014 November December Horticulture Magazine

January 15, 2016
We Love Persian Spires Upright Ironwood


Matte Ragne Newsletter (in Italian)

January 23, 2016
Quali sono le novità per la stagione prossima?


Better Homes & Gardens

BHGDecember 2015
New Trees & Shrubs for 2016


Digger Magazine

November 2015
Modern Arboreality

November 2015
Low Maintenance Shrubs Under Five Feet Tall


Monrovia’s Plant Savvy

monroviaBOctober 2015
Fall for Color



diggerfarwesteditionAugust 2015
2015 Farwest Show New Varieties Showcase


Nursery Management

Nursery Management logoJune 2015
Word to the water-wise


Monrovia’s Plant Savvy

monroviaBMay 2015
Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal



diggerMay 2015
Small Shrubs, Big Impact


Horticulture Enewsletter

hortmagApril 2015
Guinevere Dwarf Crabapple Fits Small Gardens


The American Gardener

January/February 2015
New Plants for 2015


Ohio Gardener

January/February 2015
Sizzling Plants for 2015


American Nurseryman

american_nurserymanDecember 2014
2015 New Plants


Horticulture Magazine

2014 November December Horticulture MagazineNovember/December 2014
2015 New Intros Article



Fine Foliage Book CoverNovember 2014
The Unsung Heroes of My Fall Garden


Average Person Gardening

Average Person GardeningMike the Gardener: Episode #196 Podcast
Aired October 2014


Home & Gardens, The Oregonian Newspaper

oreg_250September 2014
Trending Right Now …  Get a sneak peek at the plants you’ll love in 2015


Retailers Choice Awards

retailers choiceAugust 2014
Retailer’s Choice Awards Announced at Farwest


In the Garden with Ron Wilson – Radio

In the Garden with Ron WilsonJuly 26, 2014
Mr. Bowling Ball Arborvitae and Show Time Crabapple


Great (by Horticulture magazine)

Horticulture MagazineSummer 2014
The Best of the New Small Shrubs


Michigan Gardening

June 2014
Trees and Shrubs: Lifelong Plants


This Old

This Old HouseJune 2014
Uncommon Container Gardens

houzzMay 2014
7 New Plants to Grow for Beautiful Foliage



Nursery ManagementApril 2014
Suitable substitutes


Garden Gate

50x65GGcvrApril 2014
Make Your Garden Shed a Welcoming Destination


Pacific Horticulture

Winter 2014
Plants that Make Scents


Triangle Gardener

50x65trianglemagcvrMarch 2014
Little Shrubs that Go a Long Way


Garden Center Magazine

March 2014
Calico Cat ivy


Better Homes and Gardens

February 2014
Best Crabapples for Your Yard


Washington Gardener

February 2014
New Plant Spotlight



February 2014
Food Sources for Birds


Nursery Management

January 2014
New Plant Pavilion


Northern State by State Gardening Magazine

January 2014
Hottest Plants for 2014


American Nurseryman

December 2013
Plant + Product Fashion Show



December 2013
Christmas Tree Ornaments from the Garden: Decorating Naturally


Horticulture Magazine

2013 November December Horticulture MagazineNovember/December 2013
New Intros: Noteworthy Plants of 2014


GreenProfit Magazine

October 2013 Green Profit MgazineOctober 2013
Product Profile – Page 47


Farwest Edition Digger Magazine

Farwest 2013 Digger Edition MagazineAugust 2013
New Varieties Showcase Guide


Fine Gardening Magazine

Fine Gardening August 2013 MagazineAugust 2013
An Easy Approach to Espalier


OAN Digger Magazine

July 2013 Digger MagazineAugust 2013
Thoroughly Modern Weigela


OAN Digger Magazine

DiggerJanuary 2015
New Plant Pavilion


Garden Gate Magazine

2013 June Garden Gate MagazineJune 2013
Choosing the Plants


GrowerTalks Magazine 

GrowerTalks MagazineMay 2013
Learning by Being Different


Nursery Lines Magazine

2013 Nursery Lines MagazineMay 2013
2013 Best New Plants


Horticulture Magazine

Sugar Tyme® Crabapple flowerApril 2013
Sugar Tyme: A Beautiful Flowering Crabapple Tree


The Landsculptor® Magazine

Michigan Land Sculptor MagazineApril 2013
2013 Best New Plants


State-by-State Gardening Magazine

Ohio Gardener MagazineJanuary/February 2013
The Best New Plants of 2013


American Nurseryman Magazine

2013 American Nurseryman Woody PlantsDecember 2012
2013 Woody Plants Supplement


OAN: Digger Magazine

August 2012
New Varieties Showcase Special Insert


Nursery Management Magazine

July 2012
2012 New Plant Pavilion: New Plant Supplement


Garden Center Magazine

May 2012
Made for the Shade


Horticulture Magazine

Horticulture March/April 2012March/April 2012
Expert Picks Column


American Nurseryman Magazine

February 2012
Alternatives to Ash – Page 9


State-by-State Gardening Magazine

January/February 2012
The Hottest Plants for 2012


State-by-State Gardening Magazine

November 2011
Crabapples for Winter Interest


Fine Gardening Magazine

October 2011
Alternatives to Invasives


Nursery Management Magazine

September 2011
Juniperus Eternal Gold


State-by-State Gardening Magazine

September/October 2011
Sustainability: Right Plant, Right Place


OAN: Digger Magazine

August 2011
New Variety Showcase


OAN Digger Magazine

July 2011
Striking Spiraeas


Nursery Management Magazine

June 2011
Summer Edition New Plant Pavilion


Nursery Management Magazine

January 2011
2011 New Plant Pavilion: New Plant Supplement


Today’s Garden Center

July 2010
Golden Ruby Barberry Highlights