Product shortages continue thanks to conservative planting schedules and increased demand.
Maria Zampini for Nursery Management

If the first and second trade shows of the new year that I’ve attended — MANTS and Green & Growin’ — are any indication, 2016 could turn out to be a memorable year.Pot-N-Pot_Sheridan_Nurseries_fmt
I recently tapped several colleagues from various green industry channels of distribution across the United States and Canada, asking for their analysis on what will be long and/or short in plant material.
Ironically, although several colleagues said the housing market is coming back, I had just as many tell me it really isn’t. They felt the increased plant sales are for existing homes, not new ones.
And, with the unseasonably warm start to the winter followed by a cold snap in the new year, who knows what crops or landscape plants will survive the winter and ultimately affect our spring and future production plans.
Read my full article in the digital issue of Nursery Management Magazine to find out how product availability and demand are affecting green-industry representatives.


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