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Mystic Vision™ Buckeye
Aesculus glabra x flava ‘Deck Select’
Mystic Ruby™ Buckeye
Aesculus x bushii ‘Aaron 1’ PP 29092

Mystic Vision™ and Mystic Ruby™ Buckeyes

Aesculus glabra x flava ‘Deck Select’ and Aesculus x bushii ‘Aaron 1’ PP 29092
From the breeder of Early Glow Buckeye, Mike Yanny of JN Plant Selections, in conjunction with Johnson’s Nursery, comes two selected native Buckeyes with benefits for both growers and homeowners.

  Benefits Common to Both Selections

  • Selected native
  • Attracts bees and wildlife
  • Produces nuts
  • Minimal pruning required

  Mystic Vision™

  • Typical yellow Buckeye flower; dark green leaves with rich burgundy to red fall color
  • Exceptionally consistent, long lasting fall color for 2 full weeks
  • 40′ tall x 28′ wide oval shape, dense head
  • Unlike other Buckeyes, young trees branch readily
  • Excels in full sun
  • No pests or diseases observed to date
  • Zone 4

  Mystic Ruby™

  • Pinkish-red flowers bloom in spring; dark green foliage
  • Fair producer of nuts
  • 25′ tall x 15′ wide oval shape
  • Hardier than other red flowered Aesculus
  • Full sun to part shade in moist, well-drained soil, pH 6.1-7.5
  • Less leaf blotch and scorch problems in Southern Wisconsin
  • Zone 5

  Grower Tips

  1. Cultivars are most successfully propagated in January and February by the cleft graft method.
  2. Graft wood available directly from breeder Mike Yanny. Contact him at jnplantselections@gmail.com to place your wood order for now or to pre-order for the future.
  3. Mike is also available to consult on propagation or growing questions.
  4. To become licensed for any of the JN Plant Selections listed in this Plant Spotlight, email maria@upshoothort.com.
Upshoot by Maria Zampini: Living, supporting & sharing horticulture.

 Why Buckeyes?

In the Breeder’s Words:
Buckeyes are big, bold, and lotsa fun!
It seems everything about Buckeyes is big – the large, palm-shaped leaves – the big, shiny, nuts that are food for squirrels and fun for people. Who hasn’t put a Buckeye nut in their pocket to keep, at least for a few days? It’s a rite of passage for every kid! That’s why Buckeyes!
– Michael Yanny

Besides Mystic Vision™ and Mystic Ruby™, UpShoot is pleased to represent Firespire® Carpinus (in photo above with Mike), Fire King™ Carpinus and Ping Pong™ Cephalanthus.


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