Firebird™ Variegated Dogwood

Firebird™ Variegated Dogwood“Other variegated dogwoods look good in the spring but as the summer heat comes on they fade and begin to look rough. It looks fresh and enjoyable all season long. We’ve been growing it for a few years and are thrilled with it, demand is high and can’t get enough! 

When you go to look at their dogwood crop, it is outstanding compared to all the rest, and I am impressed all over again. All of our Firebird’s are grown in containers. It is more compact and definitely slower growing compared to say Wolfii.”

Eaton Farms– Jeff Thompson, Nursery Buyer
   Eaton Farms


Firebird™ Variegated Dogwood“Three seasons of outstanding color. A unique and rare variegated dogwood that does not burn in full sun. Intense fall color is unmatched by other dogwoods. Firebird is sure to be a very sought after dogwood in today’s landscape.”

Gossett's Landscape Nursery– Keith Gossett, owner
  Gossett’s Landscape Nursery, Inc.


Firebird™ Variegated Dogwood“I planted a Firebird at my house last fall and it is beautiful right now. It is a slower growing plant but it makes up for it in color. It didn’t burn throughout the summer heat, but has a noticeable red color on the edges of the leaves. Then the fall color is striking with shades of dark red and purple. Overall, I think it is a great new Florida variety.”

Hans Nelson Nursery– Jesse Nelson, Production & Sales
   Hans Nelson and Son Nursery


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