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       Weeping Extraordinaire™

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Weeping Extraordinaire™ Flowering Cherry

Fluffy, double pink flowers cover branches in spring.  Learn more »
Weeping Extraordinaire™ Flowering Cherry Fall Foliage

Colorful long lasting fall foliage.
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Weeping Extraordinaire™

Double Flowering Cherry

Prunus x ‘Extrazam’

Horticulture MagazineVa Va Va Bloom!
Growers already producing this spring bloomin’ beauty are selling out! 

We anticipate the demand to increase and repeat sales to continue as Weeping Extraordinaire is featured in the Nov/Dec Horticulture Magazinecover storyPlants We Love – 2015 New Varieties’!


  • Attracts beneficials to the garden
  • Better disease and cold resistance
  • Looks like a ‘Kwanzan’, but with a weeping habit


Three seasons of interest provides multiple sales opportunities:

  1. Large, frilly, double pink flowers in the spring
  2. New growth is copper red followed by hunter green foliage
  3. Burgundy fall foliage holds longer than other weeping cherries

  Grower Tips

  1. Graftwood is available December to March.
    Supply is limited, so order early!
  2. We recommend grafting as you would any cherry. 
    – For a balanced head, when the graft reaches
      6 inches cut off 2/3 of the new growth.
    – Let flush a second time.
    – When it reaches 6 inches again, cut off 2/3 of
      new growth.
  3. Easily grown as a container or B&B tree.


“Our nursery started growing Weeping Extraordinaire 10 plus years ago.

We have found this selection to be a vigorous grower that easily produces a #1 head with a first years graft.

The limbs, foliage and flowers have a ‘Kwanzan’ cherry look.

The fall foliage turns shades of burgundy and holds its leaves longer than other cherries.”


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