Fire King™ Musclewood

Carpinus caroliniana ‘JN Select A’

Height and Spread20' tall x 20' wide
Shape and GrowthUpright branching habit as a youngster and develops a round head with age
Plant TypeDeciduous shade tree
Bloom TimeSpring
FoliageGreen, orange-red fall color
LightFull sun or shade
SoilPrefers moist, well-drained soil, pH 5.0-7.4
Pruning or ShearingMinimal pruning required
Landscape UsesSpecimen, ornamental or broad screen for sun or shade
Disease ResistanceExcellent
Environmental BenefitsAttracts bees, beneficials, and birds
Bred by Mike Yanny, JN Plant Selections


– Fast growth rate
– Excellent form and branching
– Superior hardiness
– Beautiful smooth gray bark
– Good shade tree
– Insect and disease resistant


– Smooth gray bark provides winter interest
– Selected native
– Full sun for best fall color
– Mulching recommended for all landscape plantings