Lollipop® Dwarf Crabapple

Malus ‘Lollizam’

Height and Spread8' h x 8' w
ZoneUSDA 4 AHS 8
LightFull sun

Neat + Tidy

True to its name, this useful crabapple is a confection of fragrant white flowers in spring perched on top of a sturdy trunk. Tiny, shiny red fruits in fall attract birds and wildlife. Thanks to its truly dwarf genetics, it perpetually maintains the neat form that will make homeowners everywhere fall in love with it.

“I love these trees in groups of three on each side of a path. It creates rhythm and the tree gets tight pink buds followed by white flowers in spring, berries in summer that swell and turn darker in fall, and the no-maintenance canopy gives dense green show in summer and dense twiggy shape in winter. All of this at eye level! What more could you ask of a tree? Luff that little bugger.”

– Karen Sullivan Atkins, Proper Gardens