Show Time™ Crabapple

Malus ‘Shotizam’

Height and Spread25' h x 15-20' w
FoliageGreen with red
ZoneUSDA 4 AHS 8
LightFull sun

Show-stopping Color

When spring comes, it’s show time for all crabapples, but this one really grabs the spotlight. The large, densely-clustered fuchsia-red flowers turn the branches into columns of lush color. Deep green foliage has red tones of its own, especially as it emerges. In fall, red fruits glisten among the bright orange and red leaves. Oval, upright habit lends a touch of formality as a specimen or street tree. Recommended as a replacement for ‘Prairifire’ by Ohio State University.

“I’m growing Show Time in Northern New Jersey and it is SHOWSTOPPING!  Amazing color, great habit, unblemished foliage. I spoke about Show Time in the class I teach (Plants for Therapeutic Horticulture) at the New York Botanical Garden and I recommended it highly!”

– John Beirne, Newbridge Services, Ennrich Horticultural Therapy Program Designer/Project Manager