Golden Candle™ Golden Rain Tree‘Coral Sun’ Golden Raintree PBR

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Sunshine on a Stick 

Madison, OH (May 22, 2014) – Yellow is the color of sunshine and is associated with joy, happiness, intellect and energy.  Bring a little sunshine in to your garden with ‘Coral Sun’ Golden Raintree PBR from Plantipp/Concept Plants and LCN Selections Golden Candle™ Golden Rain Tree.

‘Coral Sun’ Golden Raintree PBR
Koelreuteria paniculata ‘Coral Sun’ PP17,409

‘Coral Sun’ Golden Raintree PBR

  Mature Size     20′ h x 13′ w
  Shape   Upright, round mushroom shaped
  Flower     No blooms observed after 10+ years    
  Fruit   N/A
  Foliage   Spring:   Bright coral-flamingo pink 
                to red stems and leaves
  Summer: Lush green
  Fall:       Yellow and orange
  Zone   5

Top Five Reasons Why ‘Coral Sun’ Shines!

  1. Unique color change throughout the season.
  2. Fern-like foliage.
  3. Small garden tree.
  4. Multiple season interest.
  5. Drought tolerant once established.

What our Grower Colleagues Have to Say

Heritage Seedlings“Certainly a fantastic nursery plant in spring with a kaleidoscope of color dominated by yellow-gold and intense pink. With its small stature and rugged nature, it is a superb plant for modern gardens too,” explained Eric Hammond of Heritage Seedlings, Inc. “Coral Sun stands out not only in spring, but also in winter when the twigs are golden yellow. We really like this tree.”


Golden Candle™ Golden Rain Tree
Koelreuteria paniculata ‘Golcanzam’

Golden Candle™ Golden Rain Tree

  Mature Size     35′ h x 4′ w
  Shape   Extremely columnar
  Flower   Bright gold
  Fruit   1-2″ brown capsule
  Foliage   Spring:     Fresh green                         
  Summer:  Dark green
  Fall:        Bright gold
  Zone   5

Top Five Reasons Why Golden Candle is a Standout Street Tree

  1. Performs well in most soils and dry conditions. 
  2. Pruning or shearing is not necessary!
  3. Unlike the species, Golden Candle develops a symmetrical head without pruning.
  4. Great for tight, limited space areas. Plant in groups or in a row for accent tree impact. 
  5. Drought and heat tolerance coupled with excellent disease resistance makes it a great urban landscape selection.

What Our Growers Have to Say

Carlton Plants“One of the most new and exciting varieties recently introduced by LCN Selections is the narrow columnar variety of Golden Rain Tree, Golden Candle™.  This variety has everything one wants in today’s trees for today’s market,” said Dick Bocci, of Carlton Plants. “After seeing Golden Candle™, customers can’t wait to get it into their offerings.” 

Society of Municipal ArboristsKolreuteria Golden Raintree was awarded the Society of Municipal Arborists 2011 Tree of the Year. These two selected cultivars are alternative forms of this tough, urban street tree that should be considered by landscape professionals and urban gardeners alike.

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