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Retailer’s Choice Awards Announced at Farwest

MADISON, OH (September 25, 2014) –  UpShoot is pleased to announce two winners of The Garden Center Group Retailer’s Choice Awards named at the Farwest Trade Show include plants represented by UpShoot and featured in the New Varieties Showcase.

Lo-Hugger™ American Cranberry
Vaccinum macrocarpon ‘Lohzam’

Danny Sommers and Maria Zampini with Lo Hugger    Ken McVicker and Lo-Hugger
Lo-Hugger was also prominently displayed in the Fisher Farms, Van Essen Nursery and UpShoot booths. Fisher Farms cleverly highlighted the fruit loaded groundcover underneath a columnar apple which caught the attention of retailer judges led by Danny SummersManaging Director and Sid RaischOn-Site Business Strategies Consultant of The Garden Center Group.
“Lo-Hugger’s versatility where it can be used in many applications in containers, hanging baskets mixed edible containers and more makes it unique in the marketplace.” said Ken McVicker from Van Essen Nursery. “From a production standpoint, we like Lo-Hugger because it’s a fast grower which allows us to make retail-ready size plants relatively quickly.”
Capture the Edible Trend!
Lo-Hugger boasts small red fruit lasting deep into winter. Dark green evergreen foliage changes to shades of reddish burgundy in the fall providing winter color.  it is a fast growing groundcover reaching approximately 4-6” in height. Zone 4 hardy.

Marleys Pink™ Japanese Snowbell
Styrax japonica ‘JLWeeping’ US PP 23,755 P3

    Marleys Pink Parasol® Japanese Snowbell  Marleys Pink Parasol® Japanese Snowbell

A true show stopper in the New Variety Showcase as well as JLPN and UpShoot booths. Both large and small specimen trees garnered extra attention because they were actually blooming! Attendees couldn’t get enough of smelling the few blooms to capture its’ sweet cotton candy scent.
“We were thrilled to see how well our new selection was received at the Farwest show. Winning the Garden Center Group award was a true compliment to the exciting future of this fantastic cultivar.” John Lewis of JLPN commented. “Retailers and wholesalers alike, are looking forward to getting this selection on their list and we are proud to introduce it to the market.
Pretty in Pink
The magic of this tree is its’ profuse blooming characteristic in spring. Flowers are light pink featuring a sweet fragrance of cotton candy that attracts beneficial pollinators. This versatile tree is stunning in centerpiece containers, small urban landscapes or as a specimen.

Marleys Pink has leaves that are larger in length and width, darker green, and glossier than most cultivars of Japaneses Snowbell. Fall color is bright lemon-yellow. The tree displays good pest and disease resistance. Mature size:  8-10’ H x  4-5’ w. Zone 5.
Note: Since its debut at Farwest, the trademark has been updated to reflect the new trademark of Marleys Pink

Retailer’s Choice Award Winners
The Garden Center GroupToday's Garden Center Press ReleaseThe Garden Center Group presented a total of twelve Retailers’ Choice Awards at the Farwest Tradeshow. For a complete list of winners visit Today’s Garden Center magazine.

New Virtual Catalog and Media Kit
Rain or Shine UpShoot Plants Are DivineMarley’s Pink Japanese Snowbell graces the cover of the UpShoot 2014-15 new plant introduction catalog which is one component of the new UpShoot Online Media Kit. Besides the two virtual catalogs – boasting links to cultural details (click on large photos) and photo albums (click on small photos) –  garden writers will appreciate the Story Ideas featuring six new plant introductions and three gardening-related products.


About UpShoot
Jim and Maria ZampiniUpShoot, LLC  is a boutique horticulture marketing firm offering expert sales, marketing and licensing of new plant introductions to North America, Canada, Europe and Australia.  UpShoot provides a wide range of services including new plant research and development, writing plant patents, trademarks and licensing agreements for growers and breeders, marketing services and gardening-related products to licensed growers, retailers and consumers. For more information, contact Maria Zampini, President at 440-812-3249 or maria@upshoothort.com

About Garden Center Group


The Garden Center GroupThe Garden Center Group (The Group) is your resource for solutions to operational issues facing your company. This is not another “buying group” revolving around selling you more goods, but a company that focuses on business solutions designed to help you increase sales, improve operations and retain more profit. By consolidating garden centers who agree to work together towards a common goal, The Group is able to provide a host of professional products and services most centers would not be able to access on their own. For more information, please contact Danny Summers, Managing Director at 678-761-7145 or info@thegardencentergroup.com
Photo credits:
Top photo: Jeremy Buress and Lynn Caton from Fisher Farms kneeling with Lo-Hugger American Cranberry
Photos courtesy of Dawn Hummel, John Lewis, Maria Zampini and Curt Kipp, OAN Staff Photographer


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