I’m thrilled to announce the publication of Susan Morrison’s new online gardening app: Foolproof Plants for Small Gardens. The app is available from both iTunes and Google Play for $2.99. 

This new app is an innovative online resource for small-space gardeners all over the country. 

Susan MorrisonSusan enlisted the help of horticulturists and designers to contribute small space plant choices from their regions. 

I feel honored to be one of her trusted co-authors for plants in Zones 5 & 6.

Foolproof Plants for Small Gardens - phone app by Susan Morrison

With almost 100 plants and 450 photos, Foolproof Plants highlights some of the best options for ornamental plants that stay a manageable size. Plants are organized in a searchable database that allows users to search by plant category, USDA zone or desirable characteristics like flower color or drought tolerance.
Seven categories of plants feature: Trees, shrubs, perennials, vines, ground covers and ornamental grasses PLUS a special bonus category!

Download the app today. Be sure to look for LCN Selections featured:

Old Fashioned and Still Fabulous!

Cotinus Old Fashioned Fall Foliage ColorUpShoot is proud to represent ‘Old Fashioned’ Cotinus for Peter and Reinier van Rijseen of Plantipp in the United States. 

This fast growing shrub has bluish-green leaves with reddish petioles and dark pink new growth. It really shines in autumn when foliage turns a brilliant orange-pink-red combination.

‘Old Fashioned’ Smoke Bush PBR

Old Fashioned Smoke Bush PBR

‘Old Fashioned’ Cotinus is available through our high quality growing partners:
Briggs Nursery     North American Plants


National Garden Bureau

2013 New
Plant Darlings
Every year the horticulture industry selects a flower, vegetable and perennial to be showcased by the National Garden Bureau (NGB)

NGB Flowers of the Year Gerbera, Watermelon, Wildflower
2013 is the Year of the GerberaWatermelon and Wildflower.

Plants chosen are popular, easy-to-grow, widely adaptable, genetically diverse and versatile. 

2013 International Herb of the Year
The International Herb Association has announced Elder as the 2013 Herb of the Year. 

Their new publication featuring articles, photos, recipes and more will have you “Respecting your Elder”.

2013 Collector’s Aquatic Plant of the Year
Nymphaea ‘Pink Dawn’ has been named the 2013 Collector’s Aquatic Plant of the Year by The International Waterlily and Water Gardening Society.

Forbes Top 10 List: HGTV Home Plant Collection
The Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival presented by HGTV runs March 9th through May 19th.
HGTV Home Plant Collection
NEW this year will be the HGTV HOME Plant Collection garden!
Be sure to tune in for The HGTV HOME Makeover Special hosted by Meg Caswell
Meg Caswell
This one hour on-air special features a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the HGTV HOME Collection.
The home makeover uses only HGTV HOME Products!

HGTV HOME Makeover Schedule
Saturday, March 23
6pm ET | 9pm PST

Friday, March 29
1pm ET | 4pm PST

Program will be
available 24/7 on:
March 30 – April 12th

Maria's Resource Corner
Gardening Calculators

For help in planning your garden or landscape or that of your customers,
bookmark these great online calculating resources that can save you time and money:

Gardening 123
A garden and landscape area calculator.

Helps layout, plan and manage vegetable gardens.

Landscape Calculator
Plants, mulch, annuals, stone and mowing calculators.

National Gardening Association
Limestone, sulfur, fertilizer, mulch and actual nitrogen calculators.

Oregon State University
Calculates the amount of organic fertilizer and cover crops.

The organic fertilizer and cover crop calculator developed by Oregon State University can be used by industry professionals and home gardeners alike.


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