Guest Blog Post Written by Ron Ludekens | Originally posted on L.E. Cooke website

Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year.  I am sure it is for you too.  As a photographer, I enjoy seeking out bold colors of the season. Often I don’t have to go far to find them.  This photo is what my wife and I get to see right outside our kitchen window.  I decided to snap this photo just as the rains begun – knowing that the storm would finish knocking down the leaves and end the show.


Snow Fountains® Flowering Cherry Fall Color
Photo courtesy of  L.E. Cooke Company

We have three Snow Fountains® Flowering Cherries in our yard.  So I guess you can say I like them.  The one out front is a 30″ specimen that looks great amongst the landscape boulders.

The one in this photo is a top grafted selection which is more common in the trade. I found our dog loves lying under the shade it creates during the hot summer days.

The other one in our side yard is a low budded selection that was raised up to 6 feet with weeping branches the whole height.  It is spectacular! More people need to plant this tree in their yards.

Since the leaves are falling, it means bare root harvest is upon us.  Won’t be long before we are shipping trees to our customers.

For more photos, please visit the Snow Fountain Photo Gallery.


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