Squirt™ Compact Leucothoe
Leucothoe axillaris ‘Squzam’

Squirt™ Compact Leucothoe   Squirt™ Compact Leucothoe

Height & Spread 18- 24″ h x 3′ w
Shape Spreading, arching fountain-like habit
Flower Creamy white
Fruit N/A
Zone 4
Foliage Hunter green and glossy mature leaves


Squirt Leucothe flyer





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State by State Garden Magazine


– New growth is rich mahogany with juvenile           copper tones
– Lightly fragrant flowers
– Pruning not necessary
– Selected woodland native is slightly more             compact than dwarf Leucothoe species
– Good understory shrub, rock garden, border or    hedge on slopes along creek beds

“We had been working with Squirt for a couple of years before we realized its full potential.  The glossy dark evergreen foliage catches your eye all year with striking burgundy hues appearing fall through winter.  We have seen a strong response from our customers.”  Read more!


2013 Farwest New Varieties Showcase



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