Strawberry Daiquiri®
 Siberian Dogwood

Cornus alba ‘Stdazam’

 Strawberry Daiquiri® Siberian Dogwood shrub   Strawberry Daiquiri® Siberian Dogwood stems

Height & Spread 5-6′ h x 5-6′ w
Shape Upright, rounded
Flower Yellowish-white
Fruit White, tinted blue
Zone 4
Foliage Green and creamy white





– Variegation is uniform with no throw backs
– Bright strawberry red stems stand out in the  snowy, winter landscape
– Great for hedging, a border or landscape  foundation planting


“One of the best additions to our product line has been the LCN Selections shrub dogwoods. Strawberry Daiquiri® have been excellent sellers.” Read more!



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