Guest Blog Post by: Susan Morrison

Originally posted on Blue Planet Garden Blog, February 14, 2013

I’m thrilled to announce the publication of Susan Morrison’s new online gardening app: Foolproof Plants for Small Gardens.

Fool Proof App Page Example

 Published by Sutro Media and available for $2.99 from both iTunes and Google Play, this app is yet another manifestation of Susan’s ongoing obsession with small space design.

With almost 100 plants and 450 photos, Foolproof Plants highlights some of the best options for ornamental plants that stay a manageable size, from trees that grow less than 25’ to shrubs smaller than 5’ — not to mention well-behaved vines that won’t eat your house.

Plants are organized in a searchable database that allows users to search by plant category, USDA zone or desirable characteristics like flower color or drought tolerance.  Seven categories of plants include: Trees, shrubs, perennials, vines, groundcovers and ornamental grasses plus a special bonus category.

What’s Included

Experts Tapped in Their Zones

Because this app is intended as a resource for small-space gardeners all over the country, Susan enlisted the help of a talented group of horticulturists and landscape designers from other USDA zones to contribute plant choices that represent some of the best small-space plants from their regions. Click on the Contributors section in the app to learn more about the credentials of Susan’s co-authors:

 Susan Morrison– Originally published February 14, 2013
   on Susan Morrison’s Blue Planet Garden Blog


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