Happy Holidays from One Grower to Another

Fresh Faces

As the faces of UpShoot, Jim and I love connecting with our grower partners on a regular basis.  We believe our hands-on personal relationships are part of what differentiates our company.

While a bad pun, UpShoot is growing. We’re adding more breeders and their plants as well as garden related product clients on a regular basis.
Behind-the-scenes our team has expanded and there may be occasions where you’ll be hearing from or interacting with these fresh faces. I’m pleased to introduce you to the UpShoot team members who are helping us UpShoot reach new gardening heights!
Dawn HummelDawn Hummel
Marketing Coordinator

Robert PettoriniRobert Pettorini
Administrative Assistant

Jennifer KoesterJenny Koester
Communications Coordinator


Simple Conversation Starters

A great conversation starter with customers is ‘What’s New’. So far in 2014 we’ve received some great press for the plants UpShoot represents.

Consider utilizing these trade and consumer magazine articles in your company social media platforms, e-newsletters, sales emails or on your website alongside your availability list to help generate excitement and sales:

Garden Gate Magazine Garden Gate
April 2014
Make Your Garden Shed a Welcoming Destination

Garden Center Magazine

March 2014
Plant Profile: Calico Cat Ivy

Triangle MagazineTriangle Gardener
March 2014
Little Shrubs that Go a Long Way

Washington GardenerWashington Gardener
February 2014
New Plant Spotlight

January 2014 Ohio Gardener MagazineNorthern State by State Gardening
January 2014
Hottest Plants for 2014

This Tree Makes SCENTS!

This year the 2014 Great Plants Picks focus, Plants That Make SCENTS, highlights unbeatable plants with amazing fragrance.

They have identified plants with:

Plants That Make SCENTS poster

I’m proud to say that LCN Selections Sugar Tyme® Crabapple is one of the 2014 plants chosen by Great Garden Picks, specifically for its fragrant flowers and fresh scent.

Malus Sugar Tyme
After over 30 years on the market, this spring blooming beauty is still a fan favorite, prized not only for its snow white fragrant flowers but also for its long lasting red fall fruit and most importantly because it remains one of the top rated disease resistant crabapples on the market today.

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We’re Here to Assist!

Maria and Jim Zampini

Jim and I are available 24/7 to assist with production questions or marketing tips. Contact us any time!

Maria Zampini
cell 440-812-3249
Jim Zampini
cell 440-477-6501
home 440-357-7676


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