Maria and her Grandmother

I love the movie ‘The Sound of Music’.  I have fond memories of watching it with my Grammy Oresko.
A Hungarian immigrant, she came to America not speaking English. She raised eight children over ten years and single-handedly supported her family after being widowed.  She was  one of the strongest women I know.

American Nurseryman Magazine May 2013I am graced with the good fortune of amazing women as role models in my family. Over the years I have encountered many women – in particular those in the green industry – who have been both inspirational and supportive.

My ‘Nursery Insight’ column in the May issue of American Nurseryman magazine features my take on ‘Chicks in Hort’. I proudly call them my mentors and more importantly friends. With Mother’s Day this month, I thought it was no better time to share with you some ‘girl power’ and acknowledge just a few of those ladies making our world a little greener!

May’s Birth Flower

Crusader® Hawthorn Crataegus crusgalli inermis ‘Cruzam’  Crusader® Hawthorn Crataegus crusgalli inermis ‘Cruzam’  Crusader® Hawthorn Crataegus crusgalli inermis ‘Cruzam’
Through the ages, people have always had a deep spiritual connection to trees. Celtic lore states hawthorn as well as oak and ash contained spirits. Hawthorn trees were used for rune inscriptions. They were also used as a ‘living hedge’ to mark land boundaries and enclose livestock during the 17th and 18th centuries.
Crataegus crusgalli inermis ‘Cruzam’

Just like women in general, May’s birth month flower, the Hawthorn is one tough cookie. Today they are classified as durable street trees in the landscape.  At UpShoot, we like Crusader® Hawthorn since it is a thornless variety of this ancient and revered tree.

Crusader® Hawthorn Crataegus crusgalli inermis ‘Cruzam’

  • Fits under utility lines
  • Disease and rust resistant
  • Tolerant of salt, drought, wet and poor soils with a wide pH range
  • Silver-gray bark with orange and purple-red fall color
Pull Up a Good Chair, a Book and a cup of tea
Great Garden Reading

Did you know most consumers spend on average $40 on flowers for Mother’s Day?
Second most popular is taking mom out to eat.
Cozi.com asked mom’s what they truly wanted and over 31% replied a lazy day with family.

Treat Mom to a good book to relax and curl up with a cup of tea.

Here are my garden book suggestions from a few female friends who are also great authors!

The Nonstop Garden
Stephanie Cohen
Jennifer Benner

Eat Your Roses! Pansies, Lavender and 49 Other Delicious Edible Flowers
Denise Schrieber

The Book of Little Hostas
Kathy Guest Shadrack

 Indoor Plant Decor: The Design Stylebook for Houseplants
Kylee Baumle
Jenny Peterson

Fine Foliage: Elegant Plant Combinations for Garden and Container
Christina Salwitz
Karen Chapman

Backyard Foraging: 65 Familiar Plants You Didn't Know You Could Eat
Ellen Zachos

State by State Gardening Magazines
Short and
to the Point
If you prefer short and sweet gardening content, I recommend the following magazines:

Electronic Magazines

A Garden Life

I write for editors Karen Varga of Garden Center Magazine
and Kelli Rodda of Nursery Management. Did you know that GIE Media also has a digital lifestyle magazine?

Leaf Magazine
Leaf takes a fresh approach to outside design. Written by Susan Cohen and Rochelle Greayer.

Gardener's on the Go
From my dear friends at Horticulture Magazine, Patty Craft Dunning and Editor Meghan Shinn, fast and easy gardening inspiration for those on the move.

Printed Magazines

HGTV Magazine

HGTV looks at plants and gardening from a new perspective; it’s all about decorating your home inside and out.
Maria's Mother's Day Garden Gift Ideas
Products by
Women I Love

I believe in supporting other women-owned businesses.

Here are a few of my all-time favorites:

Haven Natural Brew Soil Conditioner Tea
Haven Natural Brew
Special line of all natural soil conditioner teas harvested from Haven-owned grass-fed livestock.

Annie HavenAnnie Haven


Portable gardening carts perfect for urban gardening or anywhere space is limited. Also good for gardeners with physical limitations.

Angela DiMaggio
Angela DiMaggio

Renee's Garden

Renee’s Garden Seeds
Offers seed varieties providing exceptional performance for home gardeners.
Renee's GardenRenee Shepherd


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