“I have known Maria and Jim Zampini for many years.  It is always a pleasure and an education talking to Jim about a new plant he is looking at possibly introducing to the trade.  He always knows how the plant can or should be used in any type of landscape setting, which is always important to the customer. Maria and Jim work so well together.  Maria in not only promoting LCN Selections but the industry as well in her speaking engagements and in the many countless articles she has written in many state and regional publications. Jim loves what he does and he does it very well.  His knowledge and appreciation of plants has allowed him to see and judge if a plant has merit to continue to pursue it.  He senses how a plant can be used in more than one way – sometimes as a stand alone tree,  as a clump or multi-stem, a top graft or even as a ground cover (Snow Fountains® Cherry).”

Carlton Plants– Dick Bocci, Customer Service Manager
  Carlton Plants, LLC 


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