Garden-pedia bookDuring each step of this book writing process I keep thinking to myself: This is it! This is the best part of this adventure. That is until something new and exciting happens, like reading the reviews of Garden-pedia on Amazon.com.  I am grateful to those earliest of readers who have taken the time to share their thoughts about our new book, Garden-pedia. Pam and I are thrilled that what we worked so hard to create has surpassed our expectations and is pleasing to our reading audience as well.

The talented and highly respected Helen Yoest of Gardening with Confidence wrote this, “… Recently, during my first cup of Sunday morning coffee, I started reading Garden-pedia. Next thing I knew, I’m reading through my second cup of freshly brewed Trader Joe’s French Roast. Garden-pedia is adorable; and there are words I never knew. I do now! Let’s just say I’m now as hip as a Zone 8 microclimate in my Zone 7b hardiness zone. Filled with fun gardening tid-bits, this is the perfect gift to give everyone new to gardening. You’ll learn a lot about gardening just reading Garden-pedia.”
We blushed when we read this review …

Being a person who DOES NOT have a green thumb, this book is a wonderful resource to understanding more about gardening. The layout is very easy to follow, and it has everything broken down so that it is not overwhelming when trying to find a certain term. This book is written so that I can follow it without any gardening background, and I highly recommend it to anyone interesting in gardening that isn’t 100% sure where to start. Furthermore, the pictures are AMAZING and the extra tips/sidebars are very helpful. There is so much I didn’t know before I looked at this book, and it is definitely a necessary resource!” as shared by Kelsey Corle.

And one more for good measure, today, a review from Shanna Tomlinson who wrote, “Garden-pedia is portable, very well designed, and a fun read with a generous amount of illustrations and photography. The concise and entertaining content keeps one turning the page with anticipation. I love it and I will be getting more copies to give away as gifts! The authors are talented with outstanding credentials, but they are anything but pretentious. Pick up this encouraging book for your favorite gardening teenager or retired master gardener. The two will have plenty to talk about.”

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