HGTV-HOME-Plants-Winter-GardeningNo, I have not lost my common garden sense. It really is time to garden: winter garden. Now is the perfect time to examine your garden and see what it is lacking during the winter months. Take a look out your favorite window, perhaps by the kitchen, or dining room, living room or your desk. What do you see? Or perhaps a better question is, what do you not see? We do so much wonderful work in our gardens during the gardening season, it is a shame that we don’t spend a bit of time planning for when we cannot work in our our gardens, but only admire them, often from within our warm, comfy homes. Before you let another winter come and go without a lovely winter garden to admire during these cold, blustery days, check out my latest post on HGTV Home, KNOW HOW!  In, Winter Gardening: Plan Now for the Next Season, I share some of my favorite plants for the winter interest garden.


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