Allan ArmitageAt UpShoot we have the opportunity to work with the leading names in the garden industry, including Dr. Allan Armitage. If you haven’t heard by now, Dr. Armitage has released a new garden app- Armitage’s Greatest Perennials and Annuals. In the words of Dr. Armitage,
I am ecstatic that people are downloading my Greatest Perennials and Annuals mobile phone App – and even happier that they are using it! I know this because I receive many comments through the Comment Section on the App.  Feel free to read them; you will enjoy what people are talking about.”  
What will make you just as ecstatic is IGCs can sign up to be on his app for FREE!
Connecting growers, breeders, teachers and gardeners via shows, direct email campaigns and social media is what we do best at UpShoot. Getting to work with experts such as Dr. Armitage, that makes us ecstatic.



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