GWA Region III Meeting

The GWA Region III meeting will be held May 23-24 in Northern Ohio. Early registration ends May 1. We will be visiting:

  • Wade & Gatton Nursery, Bellville, OH
    Growing since 1928, WGN is known for 2,300 hostas, 1500 daylilies, perennials, conifers and more.

  • Malabar Farms and Restaurant, Lucas, OH
    Working farm with exhibits on grass farming and a 2.500 volume library on sustainable agriculture.

  • Doug Beilstein private garden
    Join us for a unique garden tour of a premier hosta collector

I will be assisting with ‘bag swag’ – so you can be assured your bag will overflow with goodies!

Organized by Bob Humm and Christine Kelleher of Aris Horticulture, please register online today.

HGTV and California Spring Trials

Spring Trials

 Edna Valley Vineyard
HGTV Home Plant Collection tantalized crowds this week at Edna Valley Vineyards in California. 

Spring Trials previews annuals, perennials and shrubs growers will bring to market in 2014.

The HGTV Home Plant Collection debuted three Pop-N-Polish Petunias as well as four So Gorgeous! Geraniums and seven CaliGrandé Calibrachoas.

Watch the Vogue Varieties video from Greenhouse Management Magazine and GIE Media for more details.

HGTV Smart and Stylish Shrubs

The Smart & Stylish Shrubs Collection was featured at both HGTV and Ball Ornamentals locations.

Foolproof Plants for Small Gardens Phone App

FoolProof Plant
App Launched

I had the distinct pleasure of assisting Susan Morrison with her new plant phone app.

For this innovative, online gardening app, I contributed Zone 5 and 6 plant details.

Only $2.99, the app is available from both iTunes and Google Play.

Published by Sutro Media.
Sutro Media

Testimonial from iTunes site:
Very helpful!
“My backyard is small and finding plants that won’t grow too big can be difficult.

This app is very helpful for narrowing down the choices and has introduced me to some new plants to check out at the nursery
(although online nursery links are included for a lot of the plants if you prefer to shop that way).

I particularly like the section on shrubs as it is hard to find good looking, low maintenance shrubs that stay smaller than 4 or 5 feet.”
– provided by TedSF

Snow Fountains® Weeping Cherry

Not An
Ordinary Cherry!

Snow Fountains® Weeping Cherry not only provides four seasons of beauty, but its ability to be utilized over twelve different ways in the landscape, gives writers multiple angles from which to profile this extremely versatile tree.

Snow Fountains® Weeping Cherry and Cat

Don’t Just Take
Our Word for it

GWA member Kylee Baumle has said about Snow Fountains®:

“When the weeping pea tree died at the entrance to our home many years ago, I knew I wanted something with a weeping habit again, but the spot was difficult. 

Despite amending the soil extensively, it faced west with horrendous winds unimpeded by anything coming across the field.  Only something that could take the hot summer sun and those drying winds for days, sometimes weeks, on end would work.

We chose a Snow Fountains® Weeping Cherry (Prunus x ‘Snofozam’) on a standard and it’s thrived since Day One! It has beautiful fall color, but of course I love it in spring when it’s covered in white blossoms and is literally buzzing with pollinators. And despite it being sited a little too closely to the house, it takes to hard pruning very well and still looks attractive at our entrance, some 10+ years later.”

– Kylee Baumle, “Our Little Acre” Writer, Author and Speaker

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