BGgardenI recently had the opportunity to chat with Bren Haas of BGgarden.com. I was thrilled that she wanted to review and feature Garden-pedia on her website and honered to be interviewed for one of her very popular podcasts. If you have not visited her website, I encourage you to do so today. And, while you are there, check our her post on Garden-pedia …..

Maria Zampini has teamed up with Pamela Bennett of The Ohio State University to co-author the only book you will ever need to understand garden speak! She is a familiar face if you’ve been to any garden center or garden show event.  You can also find Maria on the HGTV Home Plants Website where she is team member bringing beautiful collections of plants to many homes and gardens.  Visit Maria’s website at UpShootHort.com

During a phone conversation with fellow Ohioan, Maria she not only shared with me about her new publication but whats  NEW  at HGTV plants in 2015 and where I could find her speaking in 2015.  I personally am excited about this publication because it makes ‘big words’ in the horticulture world simple!”  Read more

Listen to the podcast!


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